Returning: The Goldbergs

Season 9 begins with a tribute to the late George Segal.

A new season of The Goldbergs commences on 7flix tonight.

Season 9, which premiered in the USA in September, begins with a tribute to the late George Segal (he appears in flashback).

“The Goldbergs’ Excellent Adventure”
The family pays tribute to Pops, venturing down memory lane by visiting Pops’ favourite stomping grounds.

11:20 pm tonight on 7flix.

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  1. So it went to multichannels? I just assumed it was out of schedule for a while as I missed the switch halfway through season 8. Might be nice if they’d keep episodes on streaming for a bit longer if they’re going to make these changes. It might get buried late, but it’s still a brilliant show that clearly has some fans.

    1. I concur with all aspects of your post LaurenK.
      I lost track after ep 15 season 8. Today I tried to catch up on 7plus but they only have the last ep of S8.
      Anyways.. glad its back, it’s a great watch prior to bed.

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