58,000 watch 10’s primetime ad for UAP

10 viewers switch-off a one-hour paid political ad in primetime, while the network takes the sweet money.

10’s decision to sell-off an hour of primetime to the United Australia Party landed with a thud with viewers.

The Party Policy Launch drew just 58,000 metro viewers as 230,000 switched off from 10’s lead-in.

The slot normally attracts around 130,000- putting it lower than Judge Judy, Play School, Mrs. Brown’s Boys and Ready, Steady, Wiggle  -but perhaps for UAP it was money well spent?

Nine also screened the same political hour on a Saturday arvo and 7flix on Tuesday night.

Meanwhile Travel Guides led entertainment at 593,000 then Gruen Nation (559,000), 7:30 (504,000), MasterChef Australia (499,000) and Big Brother (359,000).

The Weekly with Charlie Pickering was strong at 523,000 then Tomorrow Tonight (368,000), First Dates (288,000) movie: Central Intelligence (237,000) and Britain’s Got Talent (211,000).

Nine network won Wednesday with 28.1%, then Seven 27.5%, ABC 18.9%, 10 16.8% an SBS 8.7%.

Nine News (835,000 / 807,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (603,000) and Hot Seat (445,000 / 269,000).

Seven News was #1 at 978,000 / 955,000 for Seven. The Chase was 575,000 / 338,000 and Home & Away drew 505,000.

ABC News won its slot at 604,000. QI (258,000), Would I Lie to You? (181,000) and The Drum (171,000) followed.

The Project managed 400,000 / 245,000 for 10. 10 News First was 302,000 / 195,000.

On SBS it was Tony Robinson’s Coast to Coast (167,000), SBS World News (162,000 /110,000), Boeing’s Fatal Flaw (162,000), Mastermind (81,000) and Cobra (65,000).

7mate movie True Lies led multichannels at 126,000.

Sunrise: 237,000
News Breakfast: 124,000 / 68,000
Today: 183,000

In Total TV numbers last Wednesday were:

Big Brother: 857,000
Gruen Nation: 1.09m
Travel Guides: 1.11m
MasterChef: 823,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 18 May 2022

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  1. I wasn’t one of those people who watching the UAP Launch. I was watching an episode of 100% Footy I recorded on my DVR. I would’ve much rather watch TV series Bull than this rubbish.

  2. Channel 10 are an absolute basket case. It’s been a very long and slow decline from the days of The Simpsons at 6pm! Hope they enjoyed Clive Palmer’s money, because it really belittles FTA’s worth, and they get the ratings they deserve.

    At the very least they could have invited Mr Palmer on to an election special or something of the like, but to just sell off an hour of their primary channel for that garbage is about as low as they can go and sets an awful precedent, making it only a half step away from Channel 31!

      1. Agreed. I honestly don’t remember the last time I watched Ch. 10 live. I’ll only record a couple of shows in the week and watch it over the weekend. I’ll watch Graham Norton if I *like* the guests; and HYBPA and Gogglebox cos I like the format. I gave WILTY a try but I much rather the OG. I’m indifferent to this season of Masterchef, but might tune in come the pointy end. Aside from that it’s got nothing for me. 10 News used to be my go-to as I was cooking dinner, but since they went to 90 minutes I just CBA. Says a lot that the majority of their journalistic talent has jumped ship in recent months. I noticed that Natalie Yoannidis has cropped up on Ch. 7 after what seems like 5 minutes at 10. And … there was another former 10 journo I saw a couple of weeks ago on Aunty … ?? (Phoebe Bowden)

    1. Look at the ratings last night. The UAP failed so badly on the primary channel and having to suffer through Clive Palmer’s ads was just annoying. But still pulled higher numbers than the A-League finals on 10Bold. the A_League soccer has been a basket case for many years in terms of crowd numbers and TV audiences. Serious alarm bells are ringing for not just network 10 but the FFA. For many weeks, the A-League soccer has rated extremely low on the primary channel. And on Saturday, the soccer will be moved to 10Bold due to election night taking priorty. the election night rates higher than the soccer. When the A-League GF comes, I wouldn’t be surprised that they will draw over 80k nationally.

    2. Commerical FTA is about selling advertising. Ten usually want ratings to deliver a proven audience to advertisers. If Palmer is paying then they don’t matter. It’s no different than ads for mops that fill up slots for hours. All it does is delay Bull by one week. I’m watching Bull, This Is Us and Star Trek Enterprise on Ten, they are the best things on FTA at the moment.

    1. Masterchef has partnered with Deliveroo for the last few years that i can remember. You can also state Masterchef is an ongoing commercial for Coles as well. Both are sponsors of the show and need to get their investments back in advertising $$$

      1. So what all shows have sponsors. I have no problem that they use certain companies as their providers and crossovers. It’s better than just watching the actual ads.

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