Airdate: Take Me Home

New rescue dog series filmed in the Pilbara follows the work of animal rescue organisation SAFE Inc.

New rescue dog series Take Me Home premieres on Friday on Nine / 9GEM.

The six-part documentary series follows the work of Sue Hedley, Medal of the Order of Australia recipient and founder of animal rescue organisation SAFE Inc (Saving Animals From Euthanasia).

Working together with rangers in the vast Pilbara region, volunteers and local foster carers, SAFE Inc saves the lives of dogs and other pets that are lost and forgotten, unloved and unwanted.

“I started SAFE Inc as I couldn’t stand to see dogs locked up in cages or needlessly put down,” Sue said. “I thought kids go into foster care, so why not dogs and cats?

“Together with our amazing volunteers, and the Pilbara rangers who dedicate their working life to ensuring positive outcomes, SAFE Inc is all about regular people opening their hearts and homes to care for homeless animals and provide short-term care until a permanent home is found.”

In the premiere episode, Oak the puppy is relinquished to SAFE Inc by his owner Gavin. A little too enthusiastic for his size, he is moved from one foster home to another while Sue and her team work hard to try and find him the right place to call home.

Meanwhile, Harper the “piglet-looking dog” is taken in by ranger Renae after being found on the side of the road, and we meet Missy, a scruffy little terrier who is given a makeover and taken to her new foster family while SAFE Inc start their search for an adopter.

Watch what it takes to get these animals – the lucky ones – from the back streets to the back yards. And see why every dog that needs a home deserves to find a home that needs a dog.

Take Me Home is produced by Projucer for the 9Network.

Friday, May 6, at 7.30pm on Nine (Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth) and 9GEM (Sydney, Brisbane).

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