Returning: The Dog House Australia

Martin the Staffy is one of the worst neglect cases the team has ever seen -but everyone deserves a home.

The Dog House Australia returns to 10 tonight with a new episode.

Housemates, best friends, and mother and son, Annette and Alex come to AWLNSW to find a furry friend to help distract Alex from his severe chronic pain. The matchmakers think Sammy, a Jack Russell with the wiggliest backside and the sweetest temperament, could be the perfect complement to Alex’s dry reserve. But when Sammy enters the meeting pen he is overcome with timidity. Will he be too shy to shine, or will he overcome his shyness to make a connection?

Meanwhile, the Robiso family arrive at AWL looking for a companion for lonely dad, Teddy, who is recently retired and dogless, and has resorted to making friends with the local birds, frogs, and even insects.

No one at AWL can mention Martin the Staffy without tearing up. Such a loving, happy, healthy pup; it’s hard to believe he came to the shelter close to death, as one of the worst neglect cases the team has ever seen. The matchmakers agree such a special boy deserves a special home. So, when a couple with their own experiences of trauma, who are dedicated to rescuing staffies, named Sue and Martin, arrive at AWL it feels almost like fate…

7:30pm tonight on 10.

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  1. I adore this show and glad it’s back. Makes me cry though! As a dog owner myself (staffy also named Shadow because she’ll follow you everywhere even to the bathroom if she could get away with it) she actually sits and watches it with me!

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