Guilty pleas in blackmail case of reality TV producer

After a planned reality show on Roberta Williams did not eventuate a TV producer was blackmailed.

Roberta Williams, widow to gangland identity, has pleaded guilty to blackmail and recklessly causing injury to a TV producer, whom she had hired to help her make a reality TV series about her life.

The Herald Sun reports court gag order was lifted yesterday detailing how a plan to ambush producer Ryan Naumenko took place in Collingwood in 2019.

The court heard Williams and four men came to an agreement they would intimidate Mr Naumenko because he had not paid them after the project fell apart.

Naumenko was tied him to a chair, before being repeatedly punched in the face and threatened with a gun. They then tried to force him to transfer money to them. Prosecutors said Williams had agreed to participate in the confrontation, and although she didn’t take part in the assault itself, she was complicit.

Criminal lawyer Emma Turnbull said Williams was “sorry for her involvement” but did not commit any acts of physical violence. She said her client is the carer for her son, who has significant disabilities, and should be placed on a community-based order.

All five accused have pleaded guilty, with Williams to be sentenced later this month.

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