Surreal start for The Twelve’s Ngali Shaw

Rising star Ngali Shaw has impressed critics and friends alike in a major role so early in his career.

The Twelve‘s rising star Ngali Shaw is still floating on his success in the Foxtel drama series.

Easily his biggest role so far, it’s been a quick learning curve to holding his own alongisde some of the industry’s most seasoned performers.

“I did one guest role in RFDS then a short film and that was it,” he tells TV Tonight.

“A lot of it was luck. Time and place, people I know. But obviously talent was a thing. I did an audition with McGregor’s. I auditioned for Fires, but I didn’t get that one. But straight after that was this and then I got this.”

Shaw’s performance has been well received by critics, and most importantly, by how own circle.

“All positive feedback! My friends don’t even watch TV series, like, let alone Australian stuff and they are loving this. They are actually invested in this whole series. It’s insane,” he added.

“They find it a little surreal that I’m in on the TV and on the screen but it’s nice.”

The Twelve concludes tonight at 8:30pm on FOX Showcase.

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