From heartbreak to chaos… everything’s Upright for Jess McNamee.

Ex-Packed to the Rafters actor returned home from the US to play Tim Minchin's girlfriend for Foxtel.

Jessica McNamee is grateful for having joined Season 2 of Upright, returning from her US base for the role.

The former Packed to the Rafters actor plays Avery, girlfriend of Tim Minchin’s ‘Lucky.’

Despite not featuring in Season 1, she happily navigated the mix of drama and comedy required of the script.

“There are times it’s really earnest and really heartbreaking for me. Then there’s other scenes where it’s just chaotic and I feels like you’re in a play. The dialogue’s flying so hard and fast, and the scenes are really comedic. You’re kind of in there with that energy, dealing with such ridiculous characters as Lucky and Meg. So that kind of teeters more on the comedic side. So that’s what was really great about this role for me. I could do it all,” she tells TV Tonight.

Filming took place in Queensland, which sees Lucky and Meg (Milly Alcock) reunite on a mission to find Meg’s mum.

The series also features Heather Mitchell, Daniel Lapaine, Daniel Frederikse, Asmara Feik, Noni Hazlehurst, Hayley McElhinney, Darren Gilshenan, Tom Budge, Anita Hegh, Dimitrius Schuster-Koloamatangi, Queenie van de Zandt and Jeanette Cronin.

“I was very fortunate,” McNamee says of the shoot. “I’m kind of throughout the episodes, but they condensed all of my stuff into three and a half weeks. They were so accommodating. Working with Tim, the director and the whole team at Lingo were just amazing. Queensland had been really affected by the floods, but we kind of came in after and went to some really beautiful areas.”

Upright screens 8:30pm Tuesdays on FOX Showcase.

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