Idol returns to Live TV, Today pips Sunrise.

First two singers go from Idol Top 12 but MAFS & Survivor still ahead. Nine nabs a rare victory in breakfast TV.

Australian Idol last night returned to Live television after more than a decade, as it eliminated two contestants from next performance shows: singers Jasey Fox and Maya Weiss.

Oddly, the show required its 4 lowest voted acts to sing once more despite the audience votes already being locked in. Padding, presumably?

Married at First Sight still dominated the slot at 885,000 metro viewers then 7:30 (474,000), Australian Survivor (474,000), Australian Story (464,000) and Australian Idol (422,000).

Later Big Miracles led with 405,000 then Media Watch (387,000), Four Corners (339,000), Would I Lie to You? (217,000),

There was a victory also for Today at 200,000 just pipping Sunrise‘s 197,000. ABC’s News Breakfast was 87,000 / 44,000.

Nine network won Monday with 32.6% then Seven 25.2%, 10 17.8%, ABC 16.9% and SBS 7.4%.

Nine News was 797,000 / 740,000 for Nine then A Current Affair (712,000) and Hot Seat (344,000 / 230,000). A late news edition was 218,000.

Seven News was #1 at 902,000 / 886,000 for Seven. Home & Away was 496,000 then The Chase (461,000 / 294,000). Starstruck managed 177,000 then a repeat of Australia Now & Then (99,000).

The Project was 278,000 / 169,000 for 10. 10 News First was 242,000 / 150,000 with a repeat of the Montreal Comedy Festival at 68,000.

ABC News drew 578,000 for ABC. Q+A (212,000) and The Drum (140,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (146,000 / 112,000), Monster: The Mystery of Loch Ness (95,000), Mastermind (76,000), Secrets of Playboy (61,000) and Planet Reef (58,000) still struggling in a 7:30pm slot.

7TWO’s Doc Martin led multichannels at 129,000.

In Total TV numbers last Monday were:

Married at First Sight: 1.79m
Australian Survivor: 885,000
Big Miracles: 660,000
Home & Away: 927,000
Australian Idol: 795,000
Media Watch: 702,000

OzTAM Overnighst: Monday 27 February 2023

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  1. Just not the same buzz for Idol as there was 20 years ago – different era I know, and there was less competition in the reality space. in 2003 too, compared to 2023.
    Will any of those kids go on to have long lasting careers in the music industry? I wonder about that! From the little I’ve seen, the talent on display hasn’t blown me away.

  2. Same old awful numbers for Idol…I must say, it’s quite amusing watching everyone involved exhorting Australia to vote for their favourites when it’s clear the vast majority of Australians couldn’t give a stuff.

  3. Worst figure for Would I Lie To You all year –
    what will they bump this time to try and save it?

    – followed by ..68,000.. for Montreal Comedy Festival.


    Home Shopping shows at 930 soon?

  4. I can see why Idol is failing. After some people commented about the quality of singing I thought I would check it out for myself last night and yeah, it was bad. How Starstruck has survived is beyond me, don’t they have new 9-11 or Lonestar to burn? Not looking good for Broadcast Interrupted tonight.

    1. They’re not a very inspiring bunch of wannabe Idols, are they? The only one who really stands out is the 15 year old piano player…now she is genuinely talented.

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