Airdate: The Diplomat

Sophie Rundle stars in a UK drama which shines a light on the secretive world of diplomacy.

UK drama The Diplomat starring Sophie Rundle, Danny Sapani & Steven Cree will premiere in April.

From the producers of Bodyguard and Line of Duty, the 6 part series shines a light on the secretive world of diplomacy.

Laura Simmonds and her Spanish friend and colleague Alba Ortiz are working hard to protect British nationals in trouble in Barcelona. It isn’t an easy job. They’ll need to work as a cop, counsellor and lawyer. The series opens with the unexplained death of a British barman working around Barcelona’s notorious marina. Neither the Spanish police nor Foreign Office is keen to pursue a murder enquiry. As Laura and Alba dig deeper, they discover links to organised crime – and the British security services. But what price will they pay to expose secrets that the British and Spanish will protect at any cost?

Fridays at 8.30pm from April 14 on BBC First / Binge.

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