Who did Oscars In Memoriam snub this year?

Mira Sorvino took to social media to criticise the Academy for leaving out her father, actor Paul Sorvino.

Every year the Oscars comes under scrutiny for omitting famed faces from its In Memoriam segment.

This year Mira Sorvino took to social media to criticise the Academy for leaving out her father, Paul Sorvino.

Also absent were Anne Heche, Tom Sizemore, Charlbi Dean, Gilbert Gottfried, Stella Stevens, Sacheen Littlefeather and Robert Blake -although host Jimmy Kimmel did refer to him in a gag about whether or not he should be included.

Others such as Leslie Jordan, John Aniston, Barbara Walters, Kevin Conroy and Lisa Marie Presley were also not included. but arguaby are not especially known for cinema work.

The Academy did point viewers toward a link at the close of the In Memoriam to a more complete list of Hollywood luminaries that are “gone but certainly not forgotten.”

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  1. Another awards ceremony and controversy about who was missing from the in memoriam section.

    As predictable as the sun rising and setting every day.

  2. David has mentioned a link to the site. I did that and each person has information on their career. Plus a look back section. John Travolta bless him, he held it together just and the song Lenny Kravitz was a tear jerker. The information on those who have passed DK provides is adequate keeping us updated.
    The link:- Oscars.org/inmemoriam for those who are interested.
    I was even tempted to look at the worst dressed and that was something else…what were they thinking comes to mind. But I guess with such fierce competition in Hollywood you have to stand out from the crowd and some achieved it in spades……no less.🫣

  3. Oh wow
    I watched this and totally forgot those people passed away
    Yeah there was some omissions

    Esp with Paul sorvino who was in goodfellas with Ray liotta who passed away and got a full screen tribute

  4. They can’t possibly mention “Everyone” who died within the alloted timeframe.

    In addition, what about Cinematographers, Set Decorators, etc who get missed?
    These type of articles (across the whole internet) only seem to be concerned about a “snubbed” actor/actress in front of the cameras.

    As a blogger who files selected “Vales”, you would be very aware that if you covered everybody, you’d be writing up to half a dozen every day.

    1. Actually as a blogger who files comprehensive Vales I definitely look for those behind the scenes too, and I get the distinction the Academy must make, which is why I separated those who did not have great cinema resumes, unlike other media who included them in the mix. But it is remiss to omit some of those stars mentioned, hence the story validity.

      1. David
        I was not suggesting that your normal entries headed Vale only cover actors/actresses.
        I am fully aware that you cover behind the scenes people as well.

        However this article in question only mentions actors/actress who are snubbed –
        as does many others of its type on the internet.

        The article is headed “Who did Oscars In Memoriam snub this year” not
        “Which actors and actresses did Oscars In Memoriam snub this year”

        The In Memoriam is also not a list of “Who is the most famous in their profession”.

        Because both you and the Academy cannot acknowledge everyone, you each make choices.
        And whenever a choice is made, you are always going to upset somebody.

        Everyone is never going to fully agree:
        The responses to Married At First Sight and The Project on this blog should prove that!

    1. I thought getting John Travolta was fantastic though and watching him get emotional made me shed a tear, naturally leading-in to ONJ first… So probably the best of the segment in years. But yes some very poor omissions, Anne Heche and Tom Sizemore especially (to mention a couple) given very recent and one had notable coverage.

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