Barry Humphries in Who Do You Think You Are?

SBS genealogy series next week appears to be Barry Humphries' final screen credit.

In a unexpected programming coup, SBS opens its new season of Who Do You Think You Are? with an episode on the late Barry Humphries.

This episode was scheduled for 7:30pm Tuesday May 2nd prior to his passing on Saturday.

In this episode Humphries journeys back to 18th Century England and discovers how a royal scandal intersects with his ancestor, a humble, rural grocer.

On his maternal side, Barry had long been curious as to why his mother’s family history was never discussed. His investigations unearthed characters and events that helped him better understand his mother’s difficult character.

According to IMDb it appears to be his final screen credit.

Other episodes to come on SBS will feature Jenny Brockie, Rhonda Burchmore, Derryn Hinch, Stephen Page, Peter Helliar, Kerry Armstrong and John Waters.

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  1. I watch Barry Humphrey on YouTube that has been posted today on the Letter Live channel reading a letter in 2016 at the Freemasons Hall in London about a balding grumpy cat that was thrust upon writer John Cheever and it was hilarious. I believe Barry is the only one who could do justice to the humour in that letter. He was brilliant in his delivery. ….RIP….. Barry you will be missed

  2. I’ve never watched Who Do You Think You Are in any of its iterations, but I was intrigued by this season thanks to the late Mr. Humphries (even before his passing) as well as Jenny Brockie. I assume she’s retired?

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