Colin from Accounts renewal impacted by Writer’s Strike

Fans could be waiting for a second season renewal of Patrick Brammall & Harriet Dyer comedy.

A second season renewal of hit comedy series Colin From Accounts could be some time off, as a result of the US Writer’s Strike.

The series is produced by Easy Tiger and CBS Studios with co-star and co-creator Patrick Brammall being a member of the WGA.

Co-creator and co-star Harriet Dyer isn’t — yet.

But Dyer recently told Variety, “We’re hoping for a pickup for Season 2, and if we were sitting in Sydney we wouldn’t think twice about writing it, but the feeling is very much that, if I ever want to be a WGA member — and I do — don’t open your computer.”

A Binge spokesperson also indicated it is yet to be renewed. Fingers crossed the strike ends sooner rather than later.

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  1. Go the strike! The US produced 599 scripted dramas and comedies with WGA writers this season. I’m interested in 2 future seasons: The Rookie S6 and Tokyo Vice S2, but can live without them especially since the Rookie stopped doing great action scenes.

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