Travel Guides tops entertainment, Alone Australia huge lift in Total TV.

Nine wins Wednesday. Alone Australia outranks MasterChef in Total TV numbers.

A localised Travel Guides has topped entertainment on Wednesday scoring 622,000 metro viewers without even having to pass through Immigration.

That was ahead of The 1% Club (469,000), Hard Quiz (430,000), MasterChef Australia (408,000), 7:30 (405,000) and Alone Australia (203,000) -which continues to draw huge lifts in Total TV numbers.

Later The Weekly with Charlie Pickering led at 369,000 then North Shore (215,000), Accused (207,000 / 113,000), and a replay of The Summit (189,000).

Nine network won Wednesday with 28.3% then Seven 28.1%, 10 17.6%, ABC 15.9% and SBS 10.1%.

Nine News (779,000 / 777,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (680,000). Hot Seat drew 419,000 / 263,000.

Seven News was #1 at 964,000 / 902,000. The Chase was 549,000 then Home & Away (473,000).

The Project drew 309,000 / 196,000 for 10. 10 News First was 238,000 / 192,000. Law & Order: SVU scored 140,000.

ABC News pulled 533,000. QI (146,000), The Drum (133,000), and Aunty Donna’s Coffee Cafe (116,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (128,000 / 98,000), Stacey Dooley: Are You Ready for War? (112,000), The World According to Kim Jong Un (65,000) and Mastermind (64,000).

Bluey topped multichannels at 116,000.

Sunrise: 221,000
Today: 207,000
News Breakfast: 92,000 / 52,000

In Total TV numbers last Wednesday were:

Rogue Heroes: 432,000
Alone Australia: 854,000
MasterChef Australia: 794,000
North Shore: 464,000
Travel Guides: 989,000
Home & Away: 938,000
The Weekly with Charlie Pickering: 692,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 17 May 2023

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  1. I am not surprised Auntie Donna’s Coffee Cafe has been a ratings dud for the ABC – the endless promos for episode one were enough to put me off watching, it looked very lame and not all that funny!
    When you think about it, a lot of the ABC’s current Aussie made offerings aren’t setting the world on fire when it comes to ratings. Both of their local dramas in the Sunday night slot so far in 2023 have been complete bombs in terms of audience numbers, they’d be hoping Series 2 of the Newsreader does better later in the year, and also their new drama starring Marta Dusseldorf. And ABC, enough of the endless Hard Quiz reruns in the 5.30PM slot on weeknights.

    1. It is so niche I don’t know how it got a run on main channel. Seems ripe for multichannel if anything, definitely not mainstream humour

    2. To be fair, they released all 6 of Aunty Donna’s episodes on iView a month ago, so those that want to watch it probably binged it weeks ago like I did. Don’t forget ABC don’t play for ratings, although they’d be lying if they said they didn’t take notice! Their all screens everywhere approach means they don’t care about linear broadcast as much as the FTAs do.

  2. I doubt we’ll be troubled by another season of Aunty Donna-lost a quarter of a million of the lead in viewership and they’re both half hour shows-also seems like a poor result for ‘Masterchef’.

  3. Genuinely enjoying The 1% Club so I’m happy to see it succeeding. Hope the momentum can be maintained. Reckon it has the right amount of contestant interaction and would be perfect if Jim was just a little quieter when the questions came up, haha.

  4. Pretty poor effort from Nine last night, replacing advertised programs at the last minute to present…episodes of The Summit screened two or three nights before in their core 8.30pm slot. Very lazy programming indeed.

  5. I’m enjoying North Shore. I’ll stick with it.
    I know ch10 get heckled a lot but I just want to say from monday night to wednesday I enjoy their lineup. Watching Masterchef the HYBPA then the next night MC and Cheap seats and wed MC then North shore.

  6. North Shore joins Aunty Donna’s Coffee Cafe as biggest Wednesday flops of the year. I would say Accused is not far behind but cheaper to broadcast for Seven.

    1. That’s pretty harsh given North Shore was second in its slot. There’s a drop off in ep 2 but it had a lower lead in this week. Total TV numbers show 4th best lift for last Wednesday.

      1. I agree with you David, I’ve enjoyed it for a change from the reality offerings. Unfortunately I’m loosing interest in Travel guides because some on the show put me off with their OTT behaviour and antics. Hopefully with a casting call out this will change.

    1. Depends on how much you enjoy people torturing themselves with starvation, hypothermia and loneliness, with only talking into a video camera to occupy themselves for $250,000. Australia isn’t cold enough, and doesn’t have big cats, bears or Hanta virus like some of the other locations so nobody is likely die here. Alone has been doing well on SBS On Demand for several years, an Australian version was unlikely to do worse.

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