History of the Sitcom: June 28

This week, Freaks, Geeks And Outsiders including Big Bang Theory, Mork & Mindy, Bewitched & Sabrina.

History of the Sitcom tonight looks into Freaks, Geeks and Outsiders.

Episode Six:
Though the nerds in Big Bang Theory owned the airwaves in the new millennium, sitcoms have always found humour in fish-out-of-water stories, whether about aliens, witches, monsters, nerds, or teens. Bewitched and Sabrina long cast a spell on audiences, while Mork and Mindy give us fresh, funny alien insights into ourselves. In one way or another, audiences relate to outsiders, and these iconic characters give license to laugh at our own foibles in ways few other forms of entertainment do.

7:30pm tonight on SBS.

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  1. It was actually ep 7, someone has reorganised them. It s a bit of stretch to class Freaks and Geeks as a sitcom. It’s more of a realist drama with the daily humiliations of the geeks adding some light relief.

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