History of the Sitcom: July 12

Season final features The Honeymooners, Roseanne, Arrested Development and Schitt's Creek.

The season finale of History of the Sitcom tonight looks at The Honeymooners, Roseanne, Arrested Development and Schitt’s Creek.

Episode Eight: Movin’ On
Although the American dream of social mobility underpins America’s social contract, that dream is so often beyond reach that it takes sitcom humour to help laugh at the struggles of getting ahead. The Honeymooners, The Andy Griffith Show and Roseanne all offer funny snapshots at class divisions in America, divisions that are even starker in Arrested Development and Schitt’s Creek.

7:35pm tonight on SBS.

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  1. I was super keen to get into this series, but has been too repetitive across the episodes and very narrow focus on mainstream US programming.
    Feel like they have covered the same ground in regards to representation and diversity and a bit of revisionist history thrown in for good measure.

    1. Then maybe not watch 100 years of Warner Brothers documentary if you’ve got Binge or Foxtel because most of that focuses on US movies except for the Elvis movie (even though it was made in Australia) which took me 3 days to watch because I found it went too long and was drawn out, the only good thing was it has Aussie actors and the music which goes without saying

  2. I never found the Honeymooners funny when I was young I found Ralph a bombastic character who was always threatening Alice especially with his closed fist and threatening “to the moon Alice” and on many episodes hitting and slapping Norton…he was also a disgrace the way he spoke to his mother-in-law…blabbermouth as he called her…no respect at all for the character Jack Gleeson played…I honestly have no idea what the makers were thinking or the appeal of the show it had on viewers…he obviously had anger issues that never got sorted…but I guess Alice might have been the first person on the moon if Ralph had of succeeded with his threats.

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