Report: Seven chasing Nick Riewoldt for AFL show

Seven reportedly keen for former AFL star to be the face of a new footy panel show.

Further to reports of a new AFL show in the pipeline for Seven, the Herald Sun today reports the network is now pursuing US based Nick Riewoldt “to be the face of a new panel show which is being pencilled in for the run-in to September.”

Riewoldt’s contract with FOX Footy expired at the end of 2022, after he which he relocated with family. He also won Celebrity MasterChef on 10 in 2021.

No decision has been made about whether Riewoldt is going to return permanently to Australia, with one source suggesting it was “still very much 50-50”.

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  1. It has always struck me how seven seemingly has surrendered the footy show space. The front bar is less footy and more slapstick imo which works for me as I like Sam and Mick’s comedy. The idea that nine have (or had?) an afl footy show and seven not (am not sure the front bar counts) is odd to me. I realize seven have tried in the past and I gather (I didn’t watch them) were not considered sufficiently successful. For the host broadcaster to have to invest in so many commentators and experts for the games themselves and then not to leverage this expense across more platforms is difficult for me to reconcile.

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