Returning: The Back Side of Television

Mitch McTaggart returns with six new episodes ripping open the archives of game shows, news, drama as only he can.

Season two of The Back Side of Television, created, written, and hosted by Mitch McTaggart, will premiere on Binge in July -and later on FOX8.

A companion piece to his annual The Last Year of Television special, the six part deries looks through the archives exploring all the ridiculous, dispiriting and shameful moments in the wild history of Australian television.

Mitch McTaggart said: “Australian TV history has so much to offer, it’s a window to our very souls. Whether we like it or not, we’ve all been shaped by television in our lives. Across every possible genre – game shows, news, drama – it’s all vital context to understanding who we are as people.

“This series is huge. We’ve gone so far into the archives this time, we’re basically finding old tapes in air vents. Expect to see hilariously shocking stories about your favourite shows, and plenty you’ve never heard of. That’s what it’s all about – a wild expedition through a wild industry.”

Season 2 premieres Monday July 10 on Binge and Foxtel On Demand, it airs some time later on FOX8 at Tuesday August 1 at 8.30pm.

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