10 / NITV: “Incredibly proud” of The First Inventors

Doco series was the first time both broadcasters formally co-commissioned a series.

10 and NITV have now concluded documentary series, The First Inventors, hosted by proud Tiwi Islander Rob Collins.

The series has averaged 304,000 national viewers, across 10, 10 Play, NITV and SBS on Demand.

It marked the first time both broadcasters have formally co-commissioned a series, however Narelda Jacobs has been shared as host of The Point and Sunset Ceremony on January 26.

NITV has also previously partnered with ABC for kids show Little J and Big Cuz and earlier this year NITV and Netflix jointly announced Eddie’s Lil’ Homies.

Tanya Denning-Orman, a proud Birri and Guugu Yimidhirr woman and SBS’s Director of Indigenous Content, said: “We are incredibly proud of the way The First Inventors has broken new ground in illuminating the history of this continent, and enhancing our collective understanding as a nation of the more than 65,000 years of knowledges and cultures that continue to influence and enrich our lives. It’s fantastic to see the audience response as Australians connect with this incredible story of our country.”

Senior Vice President Content and Programming, Paramount ANZ, Daniel Monaghan, said: “It’s an honour to host stories of the longest continuous civilisation on Earth. Not only will The First Inventors give all Australians the chance to learn more about the country we live on, but it will also help us to better understand the world we live in. Thank you to our friends at NITV, Screen Australia and Ronde Media for helping us to bring these incredible stories to light.”

The First Inventors is a Ronde Pty Ltd production for NITV and Network 10. Major production investment from Screen Australia in association with NITV. Financed with support from the National Indigenous Australians Agency, with Tourism Australia, Screen NSW and Screen Territory.

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  1. It was a fascinating series. How the aerofoil boomerang was adapted by university students into a modern flying machine, amongst other things. I caught it by accident after MasterChef, looking for a sports-free-zone on Thursday night.

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