Sport hogs Thursday night viewing

Thursday was a choice between Ashes, AFL, NRL, Tour de France and Wimbledon.

Sport was everywhere last night with 5 major events across three Free to Air networks.

Nine’s Ashes Series drew up to 711,000 metro viewers across Nine, topping multichannels with an 8.5% share for 9GEM.

But there was also Seven’s AFL at 312,00, Nine’s NRL (230,000), Tour de France at 108,000 across SBS and Wimbledon at 95,000 across Nine.

The Chase led entertainment at 524,000 / 317,000 then Hot Seat 395,000 / 270,000.

That left MasterChef Australia at 368,000 then 7:30 (343,000), Highway Patrol (189,000) and A Life in Ten Pictures (183,000).

Nine network won Thursday with 39.5% then Seven 25.9%, 10 13.4%, ABC 11.7% and SBS 9.5%.

Nine News (753,000 / 752,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (584,000).

Seven News was #1 at 869,000 / 798,000. Home & Away was 345,000 with Britain’s Got Talent at 114,000.

The Project drew 253,000 / 167,000 for 10. 10 News First was 217,000 / 146,000. The First Inventors was 115,000 then a Cheap Seats replay at 74,000.

ABC News was 519,000. The Drum (170,000), Grand Designs NZ (165,000) and One Plus One (69,000) followed.

On SBS it was SBS World News (135,000 / 98,000), Inside Sydney Airport (122,000) and The Devil’s Confession (82,000).

The Morning Show: 128,000 / 79,000
Today Extra: 127,000 / 86,000

In Total TV numbers last Thursday were:

Home & Away: 712,000
MasterChef Australia: 707,000
Ashes Series: 1.2m
Thursday Night NRL: 422,000
A Life in Pictures: 407,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 6 July 2023

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  1. Bertrum’s statement “nine no longer really have cricket people” is a joke. You mean former Australian captain Mark Taylor, champion test wicket keeper Ian Healy, World Cup-winning captain Aaron Finch and former players Callum Ferguson and Steve O’Keefe know nothing about cricket. Get real! I agree with buggithomas’s comment that Roz Kelly is great.

    1. Finch is not with 9 as he has worked with both Fox & 7 during the the Australian summer. Same with Ferguson, he is actually a main part of 7cricket for their W/BBL during the summer and again not part of 9. I think only Taylor, O’Keefe & maybe Healey are the cricket people who are actually with 9.

      1. Sorry, but you are wrong. In May 2023, nine had a press release stating that Finch and Ferguson were part of their Ashes team. I saw them doing the pre match comments and comments between sessions.

  2. If I was 7 or 10 I would be trying my best to get the mid year ashes rights, especially 7 since they seem to be all in with cricket now since they got the WTC too.

    Could they have money for cricket since their new deal with CA was cheaper?

    1. As far as I am aware, the Ashes series is every 2 years, the next being in Australia known as the 2025 Ashes which starts on Boxing Day 2024. Channel 7 and Fox Sports have the rights to all test cricket in Australia. The next mid year Ashes series in the UK is still a long way off, 2027.

      1. Yes, Ashes roughly every 2 years alternating between England and Australia in the respective Summers. I suspect nine had these Ashes from a legacy arrangement and one would imagine going forward, Seven would nab them. Not ideal for nine to have so much expensive sporting rights in the one week.

        1. Nine signed on to the Ashes Rights back in *2020 in a deal with the England and Wales Cricket Board wasn’t a legacy thing, they signed on after the success of the 2019 one.


          1. In which case seven really have dropped the ball on this one. What Bairstow is to wicket keeping, seven brains trust are to strategic sports rights securing. This stands in contrast to what I thought were quite decent / logical steps by seven recently who are still trying to consolidate their balance sheet. Forfeiting the Olympics I get (and one would guess a difficult / painful decision) and securing cricket and AFL this time including streaming all seemed smart to me. Nine’s coverage – not SKY commentary but the intro and their own people at the ground – is embarrassing. It really does look like they do not know anything about cricket; Tubby is carrying the host who reads her questions off a clip board – none of which is surprising as nine no longer really have cricket people.

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