Rob Collins dreams to be Marvel character Manifold

Busy RFDS, Queen of Oz and Firebite actor Rob Collins has a dream to enter the Marvel Universe -as its Aboriginal hero, Manifold.

Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware this post contains names of deceased persons.

TV’s busiest actor right now has got to be Rob Collins.

Last week he featured in The First Inventors (10 / NITV), Queen of Oz and Limbo (ABC) and Firebite (SBS). Collins is currently filming RFDS S2 for Seven and has recently filmed upcoming drama Human Error for Nine.

But he has one other burning ambition.

“Amid all the work that I’ve done over the past 12 months, in the back of my mind, I’m quietly going, ‘At some point, I want to be part of the Marvel Universe or a bit of an action hero,'” he tells TV Tonight.

“The stuff that I’ve done between a SWAT team commander on Human Error to playing a bodyguard on Queen of Oz is slowly pitching me in that direction, I think.

“I’d love to be a villain in the Marvel Universe. That’d be cool. Villains are always fun.

“But if I were to do something longform, there is actually an Australian Aboriginal Marvel character that not a lot of people know about. He’s named Eden Fesi and his character name is ‘Manifold.’

“I’m pushing the age limit to play him. But if I were to get tapped on the shoulder, I’m sure they could make me look younger in post. I would put my hand up to play that character because it’s such a cool character and not a lot of people know that there’s an Aboriginal Australian character in the Marvel universe.”

Naturally, Manifold also has his very own super power.

“He operates some sort of gateway. So he can open portals to send the rest of the team through to wherever they go. But he’s got a whole host of powers and he’s got an offsider as well, and an elder who looks like the late, great Jack Charles,” he said.

“It’s so sad not to have that wonderful human being in the world anymore.”

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  1. I’m not a Marvel fan, but I will readily watch *anything* Rob Collins appears in. One of the most watchable actor/presenters this country has produced.

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