Still to Come in 2023

These local shows will be hitting your screen before the year is out.

There are still plenty of big locally-produced shows to come in the final push of Q4.

10’s Dessert Masters, Seven’s Big Brother, Nine’s Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars are still on the way along with Meet the Neighbours on SBS.

Subscription TV also has local titles including NCIS: Sydney, The Artful Dodger, The Wiggles: Hot Potato and Scrublands. Paper Dolls also moves to Paramount+.

But ABC’s House of Gods has pushed back to 2024 and Stories from Oz remains still without a date from 2022.
Nine’s Human Error is also pushed to 2024.

SBS is yet to schedule The Matchmakers, Australia Uncovered, Celebrity Letters and Numbers and Dishing It Up.


Question Everything 8:30pm Oct 18 ABC
Spooky Files 5pm Oct 23 ABC ME
Planet America 9:30pm Oct 26 ABC
Under the Vines 8:30pm Nov 10


Darradong Council 9:30pm Oct 26 7mate
The 1% Club
Big Brother
The Front Bar year in review
The Front Bar cricket special
Carols in the Domain


Emergency 8:30pm Oct 19 Nine
My Mum, Your Dad
Love Island
Million Dollar Murders
Australian Crime Stories: The Investigators
Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars
Australia’s Most Identical
ARIA Awards
The Hundred: Christmas
Christmas with Delta
Carols By Candlelight


Celebrity Gogglebox 7:30pm Oct 26
Dessert Masters
The Secrets She Keeps S2
The Bachelors
My Life is Murder S3
Mirror Mirror


Every Family has a Secret 7:30pm Oct 19
The Mission 8:30pm Oct 24:30pm ABC
Erotic Stories 9:30pm Oct 26
Night Bloomers 9:30pm Oct 28 SBS VICELAND
Meet the Neighbours 7:30pm Nov 1


Wolf Like Me Oct 19 Stan
The Wiggles: Hot Potato special Oct 24 Prime Video
Celebrity Gogglebox 7:30pm Oct 25 Foxtel
OneFour: Against All Odds Oct 26 Netflix
NCIS: Sydney Nov 10 Paramount+
Scrublands Nov 16 Stan
The Artful Dodger Nov 29 Disney+
Paper Dolls Paramount+


What are you most looking forward to?

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15 Responses

  1. I am glad that season three of My life is Murder. Will be screening soon. I’ve enjoyed it so far!
    I’ll be interested to see how the Secret She Keeps continues, having been an avid fan of the book that series 1 was based on.

  2. Hello David
    You mention Dishing It Up as not being scheduled. Does that mean that we will be getting a new series at some point?
    I have really enjoyed the show, it’s a lot of fun!

  3. I am wondering about unaired eps of Travel Guides. I haven’t been searching through TV schedules over the past few weeks as I’m in overseas but 9 has rolled out only 8 eps of TG. Will they roll out new eps of TG later this year?

  4. Under the Vines was enjoyable. The ABC also has Annika S2 starting October 29th. Their two best shows Ghosts and All Creatures Great and Small aren’t mentioned. Under the Vines is OK.

    Nine ran promos for Human Error for a few days then buried it. It didn’t look very good but they are probably just timing when they claim the points for it.

    The Mission sounds interesting, I haven’t heard about this heist.

      1. Seven, Nine, SBS and ABC have no Australian drama now only a bit of erotica. 10 only has yet another co-production with Channel 5 that was awful ,and a mediocre NZ Murder Mystery produced by a UK/US company after 10 axed it. Under The Vines is a NZ dramedy with Australian and British leads to boost overseas sales that legally counts as Local Content. Brokenwood S9 starts tonight on Gem and that is also legally local content. So I will tecnhically watch some local content along with European dramas and comedies.

  5. I’m actually rereading the book Scrublands for the second time which the show is based on because it’s that brilliant. The show better do it justice!!

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