Great Coastal Railway Journeys: July 18

Michael Portillo travels from Whitby to Bridlington.

Tonight on Great Coastal Railway Journeys Michael Portillo travels from Whitby to Bridlington.

Episode Seven: Whitby To Robin Hood’s Bay
Michael Portillo continues his railway adventure on England’s east coast at Whitby, where he explores the port’s shipbuilding and seafaring heritage and learns how Captain James Cook prepared for his expedition to the Pacific aboard HMS Endeavour, a Whitby-built coal-hauling bark.

Episode Eight: Scarborough To Bridlington
Michael Portillo is in the seaside resort of Scarborough to explore one of the greatest royal fortresses in England. It was the scene during the English Civil War of a 5-month siege between Royalists and Parliamentarians. Michael learns how the castle keep was cleaved in half by one of the largest cannons in the land.

7:30pm tonight on SBS.

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