Q+A exec producer quits ABC

Erin Vincent has announced she is departing the ABC after 14 years, for a new role outside television.

Q+A executive producer Erin Vincent has announced she is departing the ABC.

Vincent, who has overseen the show for just over 3.5 years, is taking on a new role as chief executive at Melbourne’s The Wheeler Centre, the ‘home of books, writing and ideas.’

She posted on her Instagram account that “after 14 years at the ABC the time has come for something new”.

“I have had so many amazing opportunities at the ABC, leading so many passionate and talent people,” she said.

She was formerly Executive Producer of Insiders and News Breakfast, and ABC News’ Content Development and Innovation Lead.

ABC news director Justin Stevens sent an email to staff today and thanked Vincent for her service, including taking over Q+A at the beginning of 2020 and “navigating the program through pandemic lockdowns and restrictions”.

Her departure comes just days after Stan Grant confirmed he would not be returning to the show, with Patricia Karvelas as host for the remainder of 2023.

Olivia Hill-Douglas will serve as Acting EP.

Source: The Australian

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  1. The ABC probably still believe that Q&A still serves a political purpose, but I’m not sure. From its early days Q&A’s guests were an eclectic mix from the political left and right, with perhaps a minor bias to the right as the silver fox Tony Jones liked some controversial banter and the possible headlines that resulted, this made the show interesting for a mainstream audience. When Tony left quanda it probably was the right time to end this show.

  2. I came across it this week while channel surfing and remembered very quickly why I don’t watch it. For years anyone conservative is booed or treated with contempt, whereas anyone on the left side of politics is applauded and treated like hero’s. Why is this still on TV?

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