Laura wins The Great Australian Bake Off 2023

Maggie Beer returned for the Bake Off finale won by Singapore-born Laura Foo.

Laura Foo has won The Great Australian Bake Off 2023 in final against two fellow Victorians.

Singapore-born “Lozza”, 26,  who lives with her family in Melbourne wowed judges Rachel Khoo and Darren Purchese plus guest Maggie Beer across a triple challenge finale.

They included a High Tea Signature dish with a mix of savoury and sweet, a Technical Bake set by Maggie Beer to replicate her Guinea Fowl Terrine and a freestyle Showstopper comprising a 3D illusion cake.

While Laura served up a unique Kopitiam, Adam Miller served a Floral Vase and Ilona Nicola a Fruit & Vegetable Still Life.

“I’m in shock. his is a complete dream come true. To be able to bring the title home and to do it with my mum in the room!” said Laura.

The finalists were joined by Season 7 contestants and families in the Bake Off Shed with hosts Cal Wilson and Natalie Tran.

Laura wins new kitchen appliances along with the 2023 season title.

3 Responses

  1. I drift off after the first few seasons with Reality shows (Big Brother, MC, Drag Race, Dancing). This latest season was my first time watching Bake Off and it was a lovely experience. Such a nice show. No twists or shock returns. No secret room. No nasty judge. I was not rooting for anyone to go home each week, just enjoying it.

  2. I really don’t know why they had Maggie Beer on the final, Rachel and Darren had been doing a great job judging all year. Personally I think Adam was robbed.

  3. Genuinely excellent season with the standard of bakers the best in some time. However as always, I believe they got the winner wrong… there hasn’t been a single season where I’ve agreed with the winner. Adam should have won hands down. Anyway… having Maggie back was an excellent surprise and made me realise even more that I miss her and Matt. Her critiques just delve deeper and hit harder than the same sort of things that Rachel and Darren say bake after bake. I’m sure with time those two will get better… well I hope they do. Really enjoyed the hosts too, they did their job perfectly and genuinely looked chuffed to be part of it all. Finally… the showstopper finale bakes… I’m an amateur baker myself so I feel I have a little grounds to say this, but after a wonderful, inventive, delicious overall season, those final bakes were very ordinary. Really…? That’s the best those three could come up with for an illusion cake? So so so underwhelming, what a shocker. Back next year I hope!

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