Final 3 vie for Great Australian Bake Off 2023 title

Three Victorians will compete for the 2023 Bake Off title.

The Great Australian Bake Off has selected its final three bakers for its contest.

Three Victorians will compete for the 2023 title and a baker’s kitchen prize:

Adam Miller (37), Adam grew up in Moe, Victoria. He only started baking in 2016 and his favourite person to bake for is his nephew, Charlie.

Ilona Nicola (42), Ilona lives in Melbourne with her husband. She learnt to cook Greek/Cypriot desserts and sweets with her Mum and Yia Yia, and also watched a lot of cooking shows on TV when growing up.

Laura Foo (26), Laura – or “Lozza”, as Darren affectionately calls her – was born in Singapore and came to Melbourne aged six. She lives with her family, and learnt to bake with her Singaporean grandma, baking for Lunar New Year, a responsibility she now carries with great respect.

Judge Darren Purchese said: “Such an amazing achievement to reach the finale, huge congratulations to Adam, Ilona, and Laura. These three bakers have produced some amazing, technically brilliant, and delicious bakes over the past nine weeks, and it is now up to them to take it to the next level. They will now have to draw on that talent one last time and produce some outstanding, thoughtful, and visually stunning bakes to bring it home. I wish them the very best of luck and I can’t wait to see it.”

The grand finale screens next Tuesday August 15 at 8.30pm on LifeStyle.

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  1. I hope Adam wins I’m liking the bake off but not as much as when Matt and Maggie were the judges also i wish it was just the judges and not the comedians/hosts as well

    1. I agree I prefer Matt and Maggie, but I disagree that there’s no need for hosts… the two comediennes go a long way to making it so wholesome with their puns and little asides. The NZ bake off benefits greatly from the two hosts too. The quality of baking has been the best series yet in my opinion. And what a wonderfully talented Top 3. Can’t wait!

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