Maggie Beer to guest on The Great Australian Bake Off

12 new bakers announced for 2023 Bake Off season.

Cast have been confirmed for The Great Australian Bake Off returning to Lifestyle in mid June.

Maggie Beer will also make a special guest appearance alongside judges Rachel Khoo and Darren Purchese and hosts Natalie Tran and Cal Wilson.

Maggie said: “It was such a pleasure to step back onto the Bake Off set. The shed is so special to me, and it was a delight to be there and get a little glimpse of the new team who made me feel so welcome. Rachel and Darren filled me in before heading onto set, and it was wonderful to see what the bakers were made of, and yet again this season’s bake off contestants are truly talented. There is such a positive energy and warmth, which is the magic of Bake Off and I am so proud they are loving it as much as I have for the last five seasons.”

Darren Purchese said: “Rachel and I are so impressed with the inventiveness, enthusiasm and talent of the bakers. Being my first time in the shed, I knew the bakers were going to be good, but I didn’t realise just how good. As a fan of the show for such a long time, to be a judge on Bake Off is a dream come true and the icing on the cake is that we spent time with Maggie in the shed and have her blessing which was very special.”

2023 bakers are:

Adam Miller: Age: 37, State: Vic, Occupation: Communications Manager
Felicity Dobson: Age: 38, State: WA, Occupation: Learning And Development Manager
Gavin Turner: Age: 58, State: Qld, Occupation: Team Leader
Galya Dissanayake: Age: 34, State: NSW, Occupation: Channel Marketer
Guillermo Urra: Age: 41, State: Vic, Occupation: Flight Attendant
Ilona Nicola: Age: 42, State: Vic, Occupation: Health Policy Advisor
Laura Foo: Age: 26, State: Vic, Occupation: Management Consultant
Laurent La: Age: 37, State: Qld, Occupation: Sales Assistant
Natalie Levy: Age: 41, State: NSW, Occupation: Self-Employed
Neil Higgins: Age: 42, State: WA, Occupation: Scale Technician
Reem El Daouk: Age: 20, State: Vic, Occupation: Student
Sandra Walter: Age: 59, State: Qld, Occupation: Manager

Over 10 weeks, the bakers start each week with the Signature challenge, where they put their personal spin on a familiar recipe. The tricky Technical bake is next, where they must tackle a previously unseen recipe set by either Rachel or Darren. Finally, the all-important Showstopper, where bakers are challenged to make the most spectacular, mouth-watering creation they can possibly manage. At the end of each week, one will be crowned Star Baker, and one will leave the shed. The baker who has demonstrated the most artistry and creativity after all thirty challenges will be crowned Australia’s Best Amateur Baker!

The Great Australian Bake Off is a BBC Studios production.

8:30pm Tuesday June 13 on Lifestyle.

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