Fred Media unveils big MIPCOM slate

New shows for Seven and Nine to be be showcased at trade event in Cannes in October.

Australian distributor Fred Media has unveiled its 2023 MIPCOM slate, 139 new hours of content to be showcase in Cannes in October.

They include new titles for Seven and Nine to be presented to international buyers.

Courtney Hicks, Fred Media’s acquisitions manager, comments: “2023 is a milestone year for Fred Media: we’ve turned 10, dramatically increased the size of our content slates for the main markets and are working with an ever-increasing number of producer partners from Australia and New Zealand, as well as further afield. With so much consolidation and constant change in the market, our continued presence, long-serving team members and variety of quality content succeeds in making us a reassuring partner for producers and buyers alike.

“We are excited to launch so many wonderful titles at MIPCOM from our existing popular genres – such as food, travel, auto and reality – and are delighted to mark a first major foray into crime with two such hard-hitting new series as The Hunters (pictured above) and Australia’s Most Dangerous Prisoners.”

Two new series from parent company WTFN Entertainment mark Fred Media’s expansion into crime programming.

The Hunters, (6×90) produced for Seven Network, follows legendary investigative crime journalist Adam Shand, and “The Human Lie Detector” Steve van Aperen, as they join forces to crack famous crimes wide open, leaving police no choice but to re-open cases. With exclusive access and trusted sources, these super sleuths paint visceral images of murders, kidnappings, horrific attacks, and underworld assassinations – making for true crime television at its finest.

Australia’s Most Dangerous Prisoners (8×60), also for Seven Network, interviews ex-inmates, former correctional officers, journalists and forensic psychologists to learn about some of the most notorious men and women currently serving time down under – and the horrible crimes that put them behind bars.

Long-term partner Stripe Studios has delivered four new series in time for launch at MIPCOM.

Hoff Roading (10×30) sees Hollywood legend David Hasselhoff travel to New Zealand to present a travel show with a difference with his good friend, Kiwi comedian and actor Rhys Darby. However, it’s Rhys and The Hoff’s adventure behind the scenes that takes centre stage as this show breaks the fourth wall and lets the audience see what happens when two A-list stars collide on a mad comedic journey across the country.

Izzy & Beaver’s French Connection, (8×60) for Bravo NZ, follows All Black rugby legends and long-time friends Israel ‘Izzy’ Dagg and Stephen ‘Beaver’ Donald on a mischievous and amusing tour of France, while Iliza Shlesinger: This Tastes Funny (8×60) catches up with huge US comedy star and actress Iliza (Good on Paper, The Righteous Gemstones) as she stops her world stand-up tour in New Zealand for an extended layover, bringing her chef husband, Noah Galuten, along for the ride. Getting behind the wheel of an RV, they set off on an epic voyage of comedy meets food…some of it, such as bungee jumping after a day’s wine tasting, totally unintentional!

The final new series from Stripe Studios is Bravo NZ obs-doc series New Zealand Gold Diggers (8×60), which follows three groups of amateur gold prospectors on a quest to strike it rich in remote, secret locations across the South Island of New Zealand.

The last new title from an existing producer partner is Wonderful Waste (6×30), a fascinating series from New Mac that meets with six designers and inventors who are reimaging the role of waste in our world in the most innovative of ways.

The four new partners joining forces with Fred Media are Bengar Films, Resto Group International and North Light Productions – all from Australia – as well as Kenya’s YAKWETU Distribution.

From Bengar Films, there are two food shows.

The Intolerant Cooks (48×30), produced for Seven Network, is a ground-breaking and entertaining series that cooks up full-flavoured, nutrient rich dishes for those with food sensitivities and intolerances, while The Healthy Cooks (8×30), produced for Nine, sees the line-up of Tobie Puttock, Diana Chan, Stephanie Claire-Smith and Laura Henshaw presenting nutritious cooking ideas, with tips and hacks for creating great recipes and making better food choices.

Resto My Ride (6×60 with series 2 and 3 in production), created by Resto Group International for MotorTrend US and Nine Rush, captures Dec McKearney and the big characters in his team at Resto’s and Rods Garage as they use skill, passion – and a lot of banter – to bring about remarkable auto transformations, restoring classic and custom vehicles back to their former glory.

Budget Battlers (4×60), produced by North Light Productions for Nine, is a renovation show like you’ve never before, changing people’s lives and homes on a realistically tiny budget – while making a great return in the process!

In Return to Kenya (7×30), a beautifully filmed mix of food and travelogue from producers TTAT and YAKWETU Distribution, Anita Kerai, a half-Indian, half-Kenyan vegetarian and vegan chef from London, makes an emotional return to the country of her birth to understand how her childhood memories have shaped her culinary journey.

Finally, returning series new for MIPCOM 2023 are Space Invaders S4 (10×60), Emergency S4 (10×60), and Paramedics S5 (13×60) – all produced by WTFN for Nine.

There is also a fourth season series of The Circus (10 x 30) and a second season of Rich Listers (8 x 60), both Stripe Studios for Bravo New Zealand and a third season of Never Too Small (12×30), produced by New Mac.

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