Friday Flashback: 1973 VFL Grand Final

Long lost VFL match, filmed in colour but broadcast in black and white, has been rediscovered.

Something a bit different today….

Channel 9’s entire never-before-screened colour recording of the 1973 VFL Grand Final, has been discovered.

The footage was discovered by Rhett Bartlett, and Channel 9 news director Hugh Nailon in the station’s film library.

However, as confirmed by then Channel 9 director John Crilly to Rhett Bartlett in a recent interview, Channel 9 filmed up to six games at the end of the 1973 season in colour (including the Grand Final), in preparation for the introduction of colour TV into Australia the following year.

As no viewers had colour television in 1973, and the Mt Dandenong transmission setup had yet to be upgraded, Channel 9’s colour recording was broadcast to TV sets in black and white.

Source: Richmond FC

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  1. Very good archives there DK. We have seen the changes in technology since the 1970s with color TV introduced. From 2001, digital TV commenced with AFL GF shown for the first time.

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