NITV / SBS : Indigenous Voice to Parliament Referendum

First Nations documentaries to help Australians make an informed decision.

NITV / SBS has a number of programmes ahead of the Indigenous Voice to Parliament Referendum over the coming weeks to help Australians make an informed decision.

NITV will premiere three landmark documentaries which explore First Nations trailblazers over the decades while SBS will also present special episodes  Insight and Dateline, guest presented by proud Western Arrernte woman and journalist Karla Grant.

Tanya Denning-Orman, a proud Birri and Guugu Yimidhirr woman and Director of Indigenous Content at SBS, said: “Whether its NITV providing a vital platform for elevating the diversity of First Nations voices, our unique ability to reach and engage Australians in their preferred language through SBS Audio, or trusted and reliable insights into the latest developments from SBS News, across the SBS network we’re playing a crucial role in supporting all Australians to be informed when they vote on October 14.

“As well as providing trusted, accurate and reliable coverage and context across our news and current affairs, our role as a network is also to inspire all Australians with stories from the world’s oldest storytellers. We’re proud to premiere new documentaries from NITV as we head towards the referendum, which explore powerful stories of those driving change for a better future in Keeping Hope, and the changemakers and trailblazers who have come before us in You Can Go Now and Rebel with a Cause, as well as adding special episodes of Dateline and Insight led by award-winning and pioneering Indigenous affairs journalist, Karla Grant, to our extensive line-up designed to empower all Australians to be a part of this historic conversation.”

Keeping Hope
Sunday 10 September at 8.40pm on NITV and Wednesday September 13 at 8.30pm on SBS. Also available on SBS On Demand.
This one-hour documentary sees Mark Coles Smith (Mystery Road: Origin, The Clearing, Savage River), a proud Nyikina man and actor who grew up in the Kimberley, return to Country to interrogate the alarming statistics that the Kimberley has one of the highest suicide rates in Australia[[1]], with the vast majority being young Indigenous men. Mark meets remarkable people making a real difference in suicide prevention, to explore what’s being done in communities, and what is still needed[[2]]. Mark meets remarkable people making a real difference in suicide prevention, to explore what’s being done in communities, and what is still needed.

You Can Go Now
Premiering Sunday 24 September at 8.30pm on NITV and SBS. Also available on SBS On Demand.
This bold feature-length documentary stars Richard Bell, an activist masquerading as an artist. Richard’s confrontational work and his irreverent attitude has stirred the Australian art world and is lauded internationally. From a childhood in a tin shack in rural Queensland to the lofty halls of the Tate Modern, Bell’s success is profound and unflinching. At a time when Australia is contemplating voice, truth and treaty, Bell’s ideas cannot be ignored.

You Can Go Now will be subtitled in Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean on SBS On Demand. You Can Go Now is produced by Good Thing Productions Company Pty Ltd for NITV. Principal production funding from Screen Australia in association with the Adelaide Film Festival fund. Financed with support from VicScreen and Screen Queensland. Local distribution by Madman Entertainment.

Writer and director Larissa Behrendt said: “Like Richard, I grew up shaped by the politics of Redfern. His artwork speaks to that world view. Many First Nations people see our aspirations in his work, and as his profile internationally grows, it was timely to bring a profile of this ‘activist masquerading as an artist’ to a broader Australian audience.”

Alex West, Screen Australia’s Head of Documentary, said: “In You Can Go Now, Richard Bell’s extraordinary life and provocative work provides a lens through which audiences can contemplate the last 50 years of First Nations activism in Australia. Presented with a diversity of influential cultural and political figures, everyone who watches this powerful documentary will gain insight into one of our nation’s most vital artists, our complex history and the voices that have helped shape it. It’s an absolute must see!”

Rebel with a Cause
Weekly from Sunday 1 October at 9pm on NITV and SBS.
This four-part documentary series hones in on the political dimension of the personal, showcasing the unparalleled efforts of four First Nations trailblazers who altered the course of Australian history. Interweaving never-before-seen archival material with interviews with loved ones and peers, Rebel with a Cause dives into the philosophies that guided Senator Neville Bonner, magistrate Pat O’Shane, poet Oodgeroo Noonuccal and media icon Tiga Bayles to present an inspirational, vital account of First Nations-led change-making. Rebel with a Cause will be subtitled in Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean. Rebel with a Cause is an Inkey Media Pty Ltd production for NITV. Principal production funding from Screen Australia and NITV. Financed with support from Screen Queensland.

Producers Dena Curtis and Citt Williams said: “Each episode of Rebel with a Cause has been created to intrigue and inspire audiences with what makes our heroes tick as they face unfathomable odds time and again. The episodes unpack the trail each rebel forged, putting everything both professional and personal on the line for change – where there is triumph, there is sacrifice and heartbreak. It is our hope that these works inspire the next generations coming through – to give them a more fiercely articulated and tangible eyewitness grasp of both what has come before and what can be done with courage and a cause to make change.”

Angela Bates, Head of First Nations at Screen Australia, said: “First Nations-led change-making is at the very heart of Rebel with a Cause. This program celebrates the indomitable spirit of First Nations trailblazers, who against the odds created significant pathways for future generations. Audiences will be taken on a captivating journey as these inspiring and personal stories are brought to life, shining a light on these outstanding and iconic First Nations heroes.”

The Point: Referendum Road Trip
Tuesdays at 7.30pm on NITV and 10.30pm time on SBS.
The Tuesday October 3 episode will simulcast on NITV and SBS at 7.30pm. Episodes are also available on SBS On Demand after TX.
Hosted by proud Wuthathi and Meriam man John Paul Janke and Whadjuk Noongar woman Narelda Jacobs, The Point is the home of First Nations perspectives, informing all Australians in the lead up to the Referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. The Point continues to travel across the continent to broadcast from every state and territory, elevating voices from communities, engaging in considered discussion and providing insightful analysis about the referendum. Having already broadcast from Waiben (Thursday Island), Boorloo (Perth), Durumbal Country (Rockhampton) and lutruwita (Tasmania), upcoming locations include Tandanya (Adelaide), Canberra, the Pilbara and from the studio on Cammeraygal Country (Sydney). Special guest panellists include politicians and community leaders, with upcoming topics such as ongoing racism in the referendum campaign, Indigenous health, caring for Country and the issue of climate change.

Mondays to Thursdays at 6.30pm on NITV and SBS On Demand
The latest news from the oldest living culture, join Mudburra and Wagadagam woman Natalie Ahmat and the team of NITV journalists for stories from an Indigenous perspective.

Fridays at 3pm on SBS and 5.30pm on NITV. Also available on SBS On Demand
Recapping the biggest stories of the week, join Natalie Ahmat and the NITV News team in this half-hour program as they share the latest news from an Indigenous perspective. The world nula means “here, there, or everywhere” in the Dharug language.

Dateline: The Sámi Voice
Premiering Tuesday 19 September at 9.30pm on SBS and simulcast on NITV. Also available on SBS On Demand.
A weekly international half-hour documentary program that invites audiences to walk in the shoes of others in search of the inspiration and surprise in every global story, this episode of Dateline is guest presented by Karla Grant. Karla travels to Norway to learn about the Sámi and their Indigenous Parliament. As a proud Indigenous journalist, this is a story close to Karla’s heart.

Insight: Your Voice
Premiering Tuesday 10 October at 8.30pm on SBS, NITV and SBS On Demand.
Australia’s leading forum for ideas, Insight involves a lively debate on a single topic. This special episode is presented by Karla Grant, who facilitates a conversation about differing opinions on the upcoming Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum. As Australians decide how they will vote, Insight brings together Australians of different ages from around the country. Host Karla Grant asks them if they’re planning to vote “Yes” or “No” and what discussions they are having with friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to try and sway others to their side.

SBS and NITV will share more details about its programming for the day of the referendum, as well as in the days following, as Australia reacts to a result, soon.