Airdate: Alone UK

SBS screens the UK's first adaptation of Alone, filmed in Canada.

After the success of Alone Australia, SBS screens Alone UK, filmed in Canada.

This six-part series is the first UK version which premiered in August.

In the ultimate test of survival, eleven ordinary people are dropped, completely alone, in the remote wilderness of north-west Canada to take part in one of the most extreme competitions on television. Filming their experience unaided, each person must fend for themselves and survive for as long as possible, equipped with only a handful of basic tools. The rules are simple but uncompromising: the last person standing wins £100,000.

Episode One:
NHS Worker Eva comes face to face with the predator she fears most, and builder Louie is desperate to go hunting with his bow and arrow – but soon faces a harsh reality check. Alan tries foraging and discovers a taste for pine sap (even if it reminds him of ‘toilet cleaner’). Meanwhile, Mike suffers an injury that could jeopardise his place in the competition and clothing designer Naomi endures the most terrifying night of her life.

8:30pm Wednesday on SBS.


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