Every Family Has a Secret: Oct 26

Tonight, stories involving a baby swap in 1963 and family rumours of a kidnapping.

Tonight on Every Family Has a Secret, host Noni Hazlehurst meets two women with amazing histories they need to unravel.

Two Melbourne women embark on a journey searching for their true identities. Melbourne academic Dr Sofia Rios Miranda examines whether there is any truth to persistent family rumours that her great grandparents abducted a British baby boy and changed his name, raising him as their own. Was it a kidnapping, or cruel gossip?

Meanwhile, adoptee Dr Penny Mackieson investigates how she was a victim of a baby swap at a Melbourne hospital in 1963. In her twenties Penny re-united with her birth mother and spent the next 20 years bonding with her. But then Penny’s world was turned upside-down when a DNA test revealed that she had Greek heritage, challenging everything she believed about her identity. Now Penny is determined to re-unite with her true biological family.

7:30pm tonight on SBS.

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