Airdate: Thriller 40

Forty years on, one album greatly influenced culture and entertainment, including the worlds of music, dance and fashion.

Paramount+ has been offering some fascinating music docos of late and the latest is Thriller 40, a look back at the worldwide smash by Michael Jackson.

Forty years after the release of Michael Jackson’s Thriller–the best-selling album of all time worldwide –Director Nelson George takes fans back in time to experience the making of the record-breaking album and the release of the accompanying short films that forever redefined the music video format.

Featuring never-before-seen footage and exclusive interviews, Thriller 40 chronicles the creation of a pre-internet global phenomenon unlike anything before it or since. Thriller launched Michael Jackson into mega-stardom and to this day continues to influence all aspects of culture and entertainment, including the worlds of music, dance and fashion.

Music and entertainment luminaries including Usher, Mary J. Blige, Will.I.Am, Mark Ronson, Misty Copeland, Maxwell and John Landis are featured in the documentary.

Saturday 2 December on Paramount+.

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  1. My daughter thought Thriller was the bees knees…when she had her final school “fancy” dress dance before leaving high school…she wanted to go dressed like a dancer from the clip…I got all the gear, helped her put on the makeup ect…dropped her of at the school for the dance…when I picked her up she told me she had a great time and the headmistress wanted to see me in her office at a convenient time…which I did the next day…she promptly hauled “me” over the coals (not my daughter) for letting my daughter go to the dance dress like she did…I felt like I was back in school waiting for detention to be handed out…both my daughter and I where glad there were only a few weeks of school left….we laughed that Michael Jackson had a lot to answer for…but we still love the song and video including the version of Taika Waititi’s on YouTube to this day..

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