“Any commitment to not reveal sources have been kept.”

ABC says activists who were charged in WA were willing participants in a Four Corners story.

ABC has denied breaking promises to keep identities of WA Woodside protestors confidential.

WA Police obtained a court order requiring the ABC to hand over all Four Corners’ footage, including scenes that were not broadcast.

An ABC spokesperson told Media Watch, “Claims are being made about this matter which are false and which wrongly accused our journalists of breaking promises.

“Any suggestion that the ABC has disclosed or will disclose material in breach of any undertaking to a confidential source is incorrect.

“Any commitment to not reveal sources have been kept.

“All material was otherwise filmed in the clear expectation that it could be made public by the ABC including by national broadcast.”

ABC indicated activists charged were not confidential sources, but willing participnts in the program which was broadcast.

It further maintained while they must comply with compulsory legal processes, “the ABC does not reveal confidential sources.”