iWonder: December highlights

Santa School delves into the world of professional entertainers and what it takes to be just like the big man himself.

In December, doco streamer iWonder looks to training Santas and a 2008 bank robbery with social intentions…

Santa School
December 7
Have you ever wondered how one of the most famous faces in history has managed to remain anonymous all these years? Easy. Decoy Santas; hundreds of them! Santa School delves into the world of professional Christmas entertainers and explores what it takes to be just like the big man himself. The school is run by Santa Rick and his wife Tracy. Santas attend from all over the world to learn about everything from Santa fashion and hair care through to inclusivity and being a Santa for all. This heart-warming festive film follows six Santas on their journeys through school and out into the world of professional Santas, whilst exploring the true meaning of Christmas along the way.

Robin Bank
December 21
Taking an alternative look at the season of giving, new to iWonder, Robin Banks is an intimate thriller about Enric Duran, the Robin Hood of the 21st century. During the 2008 financial crisis, the Catalan activist stole half a million from the banks, donated it to social projects, and announced it to the media to report the malpractices of the banking system. He was sentenced to prison but managed to escape and vanish. Duran’s mother, who hasn’t seen her son for years, manages to contact the activist via encrypted chat, revealing a fascinating character. Robin Banks poses the question: where are the limits between legality and legitimacy, and what price should one pay for being true to one’s ideals?

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