Prisoner to mark 45th anniversary

Fresh from a Sons & Daughters reunion Rowena Wallace is ready for her next TV Reunion in 2024.

Former Prisoner cast will gather for a 45th anniversary event in February 2024.

The three day event will include Val Lehman, Maggie Kirkpatrick, Anne Charleston, Janet Andrewartha, Jan Russ, Lisa Crittenden, Maggie Millar, Christine Harris, Kevin Summers, Victoria Nicholls, Desiree Smith.

The event will be held in Melbourne at the Burvale Hotel, the former drinking hold for cast, opposite their Nunawading studio.

Rowena Wallace and Desiree Smith were both on The Morning Show today, to spruik the event. Both had attended
a Sons & Daughters also reunited on the weekend for a fan event.

“People enjoyed the character….” Rowena Wallace said, “they ask some wonderful questions, some wacky ones some that I can’t answer because I can’t remember. And I have to explain that I’m getting old! But I love it. It’s great.”

In attendance were Rowena Wallace, Tom Richards, Ian Rawlings, Ally Fowler, Peter Phelps, Stephen Comey, Kim Lewis, Oriana Panozzo, Antonia Murphy, Danny Roberts, Carol Skinner, Steve Du-Casse.

Today Gold Logie winner Rowena Wallace also met current Gold Logie winner Sonia Kruger on set.

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      1. Rowena and a few others including the organisers went to the Blue Mountains on the Sunday after Saturdays event in the city, so you were half right πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

          1. There is a good video that was posted by Barry Parker with Rowena on social media. Check it out if you can. It’s on the Partners in crime Facebook page

          2. Hi David,

            Please do get in contact with us! We very much appreciate you promoting the event. I’ve always held your amazing website in the highest of regards.

  1. I recently watched the entire seasons 1 to 8, it took me around 3 months with an average of 4 episodes each day. One of the great Australian dramas, but season 8 did jump the shark a bit.

  2. In 1982 and 1983, the outside of my house in Box Hill North was used by Reg Grundy productions as the home of a female prison officer in Prisoner. I took a day off work to see them film an episode. One of the cast members was Glen Robbins player a potential buyer of the house.
    (Box Hill is near Nunawading, where Channel 10 use to be).

      1. My goodness! PoidaPete, you have done your homework! The man playing the real estate agent in that episode was Rod McLennan who does the scene sitting on his car bonnet. The reason? In real life, Rod had his leg in plaster, which was not shown on camera as it wasn’t part of the script.

        1. Thank you Roger. I’m a part of Partners in Crime and we like to be very thorough in what research we do. It comes in handy.

          In saying that, I had no idea about the plaster cast! Thank you for that fascinating tidbit of information!

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