Report: Kaitlyn Dever in Belle Gibson drama

Dopesick star is said to be playing the lead role in 6 part series now filming in Melbourne.

US actress Kaitlyn Dever (Dopesick, Last Man Standing, Justified) is reportedly playing disgraced wellness ‘expert’ Belle Gibson drama biography currently filming in Melbourne.

The Sunday Herald Sun reports the rumoured Netflix drama project is a 6 part series,filming under the code’ Apple Cider Vinegar’, produced by See-Saw Films (Top of the Lake, Lion, Heartstopper, The King’s Voice).

Belle Gibson, who admitted to having made up the cancer claims purported in her wellness app, has also been the subject of several documentaries including the BBC’s Bad Influencer in 2021 and The Search for Instagram’s Worst Con Artist, which aired on ITV in the UK in November.

In 2017 the Federal Court of Australia ordered her to pay $410,000 following a Consumer Affairs Victoria investigation.

A publicity representative for Netflix said “We have nothing to confirm at the moment.”

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  1. Could there not have been an Australian playing Belle? I’ve suddenly lost interest in this mini series. Americans are notoriously woeful at adopting an Aussie accent.

    1. simply if you can a big enough star it is easier to sell this to a overseas audience and sometimes a big star doesn’t effect the quality of it ….. also sometimes it maybe easier for a actor who doesn’t know the story to play the lead

  2. She’s an excellent actress. I watched her in an awful film on the weekend on Disney+ called ‘No One Will Save You’. She was incredible at carrying the film, but everything bar her was bonkers, and not in a good way.
    She’s also heavily rumoured to be playing Abby in S2 of The Last Of Us. And for anyone who’s played the second game, you know that character is not going to be easy to play so someone with immense talent is needed to get audiences to sympathise with her under all the circumstances. The only thing is that Abby is physically intimidating, and I don’t think Dever has the build…

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