Studio 10: “10 years is a good run and I’m lucky to have been part of it”

Veteran entertainer Denise Drysdale has seen them come and go across her 60 years of TV, but is grateful for her time on Studio 10.

Veteran entertainment star Denise Drysdale, may have gotten the bad news about Studio 10 ending next month, but with six decades in the business she is pragmatic about the cyclical nature of television, and still grateful for the work.

“10 years is a good run for a show and I’m lucky to have been part of it,” she tells TV Tonight.

“And after Covid, to be asked back, even with monetary (challenges). That’s why I’m so lucky.”

One of the things she will treasure most about her time on Studio 10 is a lasting friendship with former host, Jessica Rowe.

“She’s the most beautiful person. She’s like an angel, what you see is what you get,” she explains.

“We’re both on the same wavelength in funniness. When I started there I had a dressing room with Jess, so we were giggling from the time I reached Channel 10 to the time I left. We enjoyed ourselves so much they they put her on the other side of the panel. We didn’t like that at all!” she laughs.

Drysdale, 74, still stays with Jessica Rowe, Peter Overton and family when she visits Sydney.

“That’s the thing I will miss next year. I won’t get to stay with them because they’re the most beautiful family. Peter is just on top of everything with the kids and she doesn’t yell at them.

“I said, ‘Your mother doesn’t yell at you because she had to have IVF to get you. I can yell at you because I didn’t have to!'”

She also fondly remembers Jonathan Coleman and one incident of the funnyman working with daschunds.

“He dressed up as a big sausage, with sausages hanging off him. It’s one of the funniest things that’s ever been on television. It’s hysterical.”

Drysdale, who is currently touring with Normie Rowe, has enjoyed multiple daytime TV programmes including The Circle on 10, Denise on Seven and  morning show Ernie & Denise on Nine, with legendary Ernie Sigley. Screening back in the 1980s it too was a show built around advertorials -all live to air.

“People used to tell me they knew when I liked the product, and when I didn’t,” she recalls.

“We didn’t have a script! There were questions for advertorials but we always carried on like two pork chops.”

A multi-Logie winner, Denise Drysdale turns 75 in December.

“I’m hoping that somebody’s gonna love me next year!”

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  1. I think I remember Denise saying it was her friend Craig Bennet who first got her on Studio 10, and I know she wasn’t there from the beginning. I always enjoyed it when the two of them did funny adventures on the show and I nearly wet myself laughing when they went. parasailing. Denise is a stayer and she surely deserves a Logies Hall of fame award.

  2. First remember seeing Denise Drysdale as a go-go dancer on Kommotion (around1964-65) The show was hosted by 3UZ deejay Ken Sparkes on ATV channel 0 Melbourne. We thought she was great back then.

  3. Firstly agree with T-roy, she was incredible in PLM. Met her many years ago (80’s) and she was an absolute sweetheart. Ten how about a midday show with her and Craig Bennett and have an audience.

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