When will Paramount+ screen The Gilded Age S2?

Australian fans are being kept waiting for second season of US period drama.

The Gilded Age S2 is coming “soon” to Paramount+.

The second sesason premiered in the USA on October 29.

Nearly a month later it is yet to screen on Paramount+ in Australia. According to their December highlights it is coming “soon.”

A spokesperson told TV Tonight, “We will be announcing a date in the coming weeks.”

It isn’t clear why S2 has been delayed in Australia.

Australian networks have a history of complaining about piracy but where subscribers are paying a fee for premium content it is also very disappointing that content is not fast-tracked.

Updated: Returns Sunday, 14 January 2024.

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  1. Thanks for following up on this one, I also resubscribed recently in anticipation of the new season. Season 1 was only a matter of days behind the US. Disappointed that Paramount can’t do the same this time.

  2. It is ridiculous – with Paramount constantly hiking their prices, I returned knowing it was coming back in the US. Paramount, along with Disney+ are notoriously bad at this. If I am expected to constantly pay extra and have to rely on pages like TV Tonight to know where streaming programs will air locally.
    It’s one thing to sell your content to Free to Air, but we’re just getting treating like trash.

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