Airdate: Nemesis

The inside story of ambition, betrayal and revenge in the Coalition years of government.

ABC has now titled its upcoming three part documentary on the Coalition government under 3 prime ministers.

Nemesis has key interviews -including with Scott Morrison and Malcolm Turnbull- as well as former Cabinet ministers.

The riveting three-part ABC News docuseries will take you inside nine years of Coalition government under Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison in a revealing tale of politics, ambition and power.  Key players tell all in candid no holds barred interviews that capture this tumultuous period and the personalities behind it, showing how the three Prime Ministers gained, wielded and ultimately lost power.

This landmark production continues the ABC’s tradition of documenting Australia’s political history following in footsteps of Labor in Power, The Howard Years and The Killing Season.

In a break with previous series, Nemesis is told using the narration-less format with the participants taking the audience “into the room” telling their story in their words.

Interviews were conducted by Gold Walkley award winning investigative journalist and author Mark Willacy, unravelling the major events and revealing what happened behind closed doors during the Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison years.

The team behind the series is drawn from the key current affairs and political shows from across the ABC including the Investigations team, Australian Story, Foreign Correspondent, Insiders and Four Corners.

​An ABC News Production. Reporter/interviewer Mark Willacy. Series Producer Caitlin Shea. Executive Producer Morag Ramsay. Head of Investigative Journalism and Current Affairs Jo Puccini.

Monday 29 January at 8:00pm on ABC.

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  1. I hate to say this but I have been so absorbed with the prospect of a global war that I have lost touch with Australian politics, besides ‘Albo’ is just not that interesting, Federal Parliament has become quite boring since Labor took power. Knowing that the ABC made ‘Nemesis’ sort of hints that there will be political paranoia and deceit even without the celebrity politicians being in the starring role. I’m sure both Tony and Malcolm will have some wonderful tidbits, Scott however could take over the whole show.

  2. It’s only a few months since Sky News did roughly the same thing. It may be interesting to see how similar or different the Sky and ABC versions of this are.

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