Rumour: NCIS: Sydney renewal

Good news looms for high-profile US spin-off bringing plenty of work to local cast and crew.

The season final of NCIS: Sydney screens tomorrow on Paramount+ and TV Tonight hears whispers the show is getting a renewal.

That’s very good news for the Endemol Shine production, which had a high-profile launch in Sydney in November, and a primetime screening on CBS following US writer / actor strikes.

Reviews were largely positive, currently with a 70% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (although the audience rating is much lower at 25%).

The cast, which includes Olivia Swann, Todd Lasance, Sean Sagar, William McInnes, Tuuli Narkle, Mavournee Hazel, are understood to have been signed for multiple seasons.

Lasance recently told TV Tonight, “All of our contracts are obviously local through MEAA, a local production company, through Paramount+ here. There was nothing relayed to us, initially, in the process. All of our deals are local and obviously, that’s why we had the SAG clearance when the strike happened.”

The other question will be how many episodes the show is renewed for. Just 8 were producedfor S1 while NCIS, NCIS: LA and NCIS: Hawaii all sit at around 20 -22 each.

Shooting is tipped to commence around Easter.

Paramount+ has been contacted for comment.

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  1. Started off a little corny/hokey but really enjoying it by the second half of the season. Yet to have time to catch up on ep 8 but I too hope it’s renewed. 20-22 eps a season is never going to happen and I don’t really think it should, but 12-13 would be nice.

  2. Initially I didn’t like the show but went back and gave it another go. Really happy to see one of my favourite Aussie actors Lewis Fitz-Gerald in it. Hope they renew so we find out what happened after they discovered who the traitor/baddie is.

  3. The other NCIS’s were for CBS fall seasons. NCIS:Sydney was made for Paramount+, probably with the intention that repeat screenings generating points for Ten so they can keep their licence. It ended up leading CBS’s fall season due to the strikes. It could be renewed for another block of episodes for this season on CBS, for returning to Paramount+ (which may depend on who owns Paramount+), or the CBS next season.

    It is standard for actors to be contracted for multiple seasons, few shows make it to multiple seasons these days. Except in the UK where actors work in TV, film and screen and are reluctant to be tied down and typecast in any one show.

  4. Initially expecting it to be incredibly corny, I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I’m enjoying the show, especially with Sydney as the backdrop. Happy if the rumour is true

    1. Yeah, agree with all of the above. I was worried Sydney would look awful like John Woo’s Mission: Impossible but they’ve done a really great job!! Looking forward to a second season. I wonder if the audience reviews are classic Aussie tall poppy syndrome once again.

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