Australian Story: Mar 4

ABC meets Perth siblings Minjee and Min Woo Lee, golf stars on the rise.

Monday’s Australian Story profiles Perth golfers and siblings Minjee and Min Woo as they compete in the Women’s and Men’s Australian Open.

For one family member to excel at golf’s highest levels is impressive but for two family members to do so is simply astonishing.

Perth siblings Minjee and Min Woo Lee are golf stars on the rise, driven by a friendly rivalry to become the world’s No 1 female and male golfer, respectively. But they couldn’t be more different in personality and how they approach the game.

“He’s very talented, very skilful,” says Minjee, the older and more successful of the two. “For me it’s more learnt.”

“We always say that Minjee and Min Woo are like yin and yang,” says their coach, Ritchie Smith. “On one hand, we have the scientist; like she’s so disciplined, so demanding. And on the other hand, you have the artist who doesn’t give a rat’s about the science; he wants to play with flair and be expressive and just have fun.”

Minjee is an introvert by nature, happy to shun the limelight, while the extroverted Min Woo is considered a breath of fresh air in the staid world of golf, with his swashbuckling style and huge social media presence.

“Min Woo is a marketer’s dream,” says Australia’s most successful female golfer, Karrie Webb. “He just looks like he’s loving what he’s doing. And that’s fun for people to watch.”

Australian Story followed Minjee and Min Woo as they competed in the Women’s and Men’s Australian Open late last year, giving a rare glimpse into the lives of the sibling superstars and the extraordinary pressure that golfers endure at the highest levels of the game.

“It’s a tough sport; it’s not easy,” Min Woo tells Australian Story. “There’s a lot of losing in golf.”

8pm Monday on ABC.

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