Lightning Primary, new kid’s series for Gristmill.

Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope's production company partners with Canada's Sinking Ship Entertainment on a new half-hour live-action series.

Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope’s production company Gristmill (Little Lunch, InBESTigators, Summer Love) has partnered with Canada’s Sinking Ship Entertainment on a new kid’s series, Lighting Primary.

Developed by Gristmill with the support of the Australian Children’s Television Foundation, the series is a half-hour live-action series aimed at children aged 6-9 years.

Lighting Primary follows the adventures of a group of children whose school is transformed into a magical realm after being struck by lightning. But before the students can enjoy their new paradise, the kids realise that their principal has gone missing and must embark on a journey to find him with the help of the school’s new magical abilities.

Filming will take place in Australia and visual effects and postproduction to take place in Canada.

Sinking Ship Entertainment has a strong reputation internationally for its children’s and family series, most notably as an industry leader in live action/CGI blended series, such as Jane, Ghostwriter, Dino Dana and Odd Squad.

Gristmill Producers Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope said: “As longtime superfans of Sinking Ship’s work, we are tickled pink to be teaming up for our latest children’s adventure. Lightning Primary is a very special show and we can’t wait to watch SSE weave their magic into it.”

Executive Producer Sinking Ship Entertainment Carla de Jong said: “There is a unique tone to the humour that Wayne and Robyn infuse into their shows that clearly resonates with kids and their families around the world. We are thrilled to be partnering with them to bring this ambitious project to life.”

ACTF Head of Content Bernadette O’Mahony said: “We love Lighting Primary. It’s got that unique Gristmill warmth and humour, and we’re thrilled that Sinking Ship has come on board. Two such great companies and teams working together – it’s a dream team! Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope create incredible work, with Little Lunch and The InBESTigators loved by kids across the globe, and Sinking Ship is a world leader in children’s television. This is a natural partnership and we can’t wait to see what they do together.”

A broadcaster is yet to be announced.

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