Seven News, MAFS, ACA, The Hundred best on Tuesday.

The Chase remains in front of Tipping Point. Australian Survivor best for 10.

Seven News continues to win its 6pm timeslot while Nine led from 7pm onwards, last night.

Married at First Sight was the biggest entertainment crowd at 1.23m viewers in National TV Audience.

That was well ahead of Australian Idol (752,000), 7:30 (677,000), Australian Survivor (532,000) and Back Roads (511,000).

Later The Hundred with Andy Lee  averaged 646,000 then Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA (309,000), McCartney 3 2 1 (295,000) and NCIS (165,000).

Seven News topped the night at 1.3m viewers for Seven ahead of Nine News on 1.05m. In Melbourne, where Alicia Loxley and Tom Steinfort are newly-installed anchors, it was a neck and neck with Nine’s 236,000 to Seven’s 235,000.

Home & Away drew 754,000 with The Chase at 615,000 for Seven.

A Current Affair led with 969,000 then Tipping Point (545,000) for Nine.

ABC News averaged 778,000 with Earth at 218,000.

The Project averaged 302,000 for 10. 10 News First (321,000) and Deal or No Deal (274,000) followed.

SBS World News (191,000 / 125,000), Stephen Fry: Willem And Frieda (160,000), Who Do You Think You Are? (80,000), and Robson Green’s Icelandic Adventure (53,000).

Sunrise: 395,000
Today: 325,000
News Breakfast: 247,000

National Total TV: Tuesday 13 February 2024


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  1. Give me 30 mins (or 20 mins + promos & commercials) at 6 and 10 would have me. Remember (probably not unless you’re about 80 like me) when TEN Eyewitness News used to beat 7 & 9 at 6pm, then something happened and TEN blinked and moved to 5pm. There’s a dip in 10 figures between 6 and 6:30. A tight News at 6 without all the fillers and cross-promotions could work well.What to run at 5? Hmmmm.

  2. I normally watch Frasier reruns at 6 on Peach followed by Neighbours but with blanket coverage of Deal I have turned to Food Safari on SBSFood at 6.
    Paramount is going to kill any hopeful viewers if it persists in putting Deal across all channels. If I want to watch I will watch it on 10

  3. I have noticed since the new ratings commenced that Tipping Point UK nearly always makes it in the Top 30
    (hovering in the early 20’s).

    Yet The Chase-UK (screened opposite) never does.

    Curious to know how wide the gap.

    1. Subscribe to OzTAM (but get out your credit card). I indicated earlier this week I hoped to offer some extra insights in editorial as we proceed, so that’s what you’re now seeing (including SBS numbers).

  4. I have not been online for a while but surely the question has to be asked soon if Deal or no Deal is working. It is not even in the total top 30 shows. I commend 10 for giving a red hot chance. It is a quality production with very healthy cash prizes. It should be getting higher numbers but it just can’t against the competition. When are 10 going to give up on the 5pm news? It has never been a success as there 6pm-7.3pm slot has suffered. Move Deal or no deal to 5.30pm and News to 6pm. Deal will get good numbers against other tired competition (Grant is doing a great job) and their news will improve due to a better lead-in. And who knows ….The Project might improve to. It’s the oldest trick in TV…Win at 5.30pm and the rest of the night will be better for it. 5pm news has to change. Its do or die for 10. With no major sports rights coming up they have some very tough decisions to make if they want to improve.

    1. DoND doesn’t make the top 30 as the table has the top 30 reach shows, so even looking at the averages, it missing the actual top 30 based on averages

      If you look at the top 30 based on just the averages, DoND was 24th with 275k (14k BVOD included)

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