Airdate: The Rise And Fall Of Boris Johnson

So this is what we get when Q+A goes into recess...

Q+A is now in recess on ABC, due to return with Paliamentary sitting weeks.

But the replacement title, The Rise And Fall Of Boris Johnson, isn’t exactly inspired programming.

Who needs 4 episodes of how a failed British politician fared? Surely 1 would suffice?

Learn how Boris Johnson’s chaotic childhood shaped his political views, and how the clashes and rivalries of his youth would dictate the key decisions he made in his pursuit of power.

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  1. I almost never watch Q&A, but I attempted to last Monday, because I worked in the area of town planning and housing affordability is a subject matter near and dear to my heart. But after the first question and the “supposed” answers from the panellists I turned off. All four answered the same question from a pre-determined position of what they took into the show and most likely reiterated throughout the show. You could have asked “what should be the colour of the roof” and you would have got the same answers as they gave that poor young girl. It is a hopelessly formatted show that does not seek to get answers to questions (real or planted), so it just ends up being a endless bickering between panellist and you get no closer to any real innovative discussion or solutions.

    So as much as I think Boris is a Boofhead, I think I would still get more out of him than Q&A.

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