Better Date than Never: Mar 5

Jack and his date navigate awkwardness and turn their anxiety into a game.

Tonight on Better Date than Never, Jack and his date navigate awkwardness and turn their anxiety into a game.

Charles is a 28-year-old student from China who came to Sydney looking for more than an education. A nature lover, gaming nerd and keen home cook, the proudly gay Charles is researching how algae might combat climate change. Since embarking on his first ever date in Series 1 Charles has completed his master’s degree and embarked on a PhD, marched across Sydney Harbour Bridge as part of World Pride, and invested in a new hotpot.

Love has continued to allude (sic) him, but he’s considering new approaches. He’s always found dating one on one intimidating so the idea of several dates in one location at a speed dating event has him reaching for his cologne and his best collared shirt.

Jack and his first date Phoebe have a lot in common, including a tummy full of butterflies. They agree small talk is difficult and awkward, so they cleverly turn their anxiety into a game where neither of them ends up feeling a winner.

Allycia is a high energy, fun-loving 28-year-old from Brisbane who wants a romantic fairy-tale of her very own. She has a condition known as Chromosome 18 – a deletion of the 18th Chromosome which she explains means “her brain works a bit differently to other peoples”. Though dealt this card she remains a true-life enthusiast. Allycia is best friends with Series 1 participant, Olivia. Olivia comes over for a visit, and they talk about Allycia finding her True Love Prince. She wants to experience romance and love, just as her best friend Olivia has. Particularly if it’s with Chris Hemsworth!

Kento is not dissuaded after his first ever date ended with an offer of friendship. He is open and ready to try again.

8:30pm Tuesday on ABC.

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