Dylan Wright wins Australian Idol 2024

Northern Rivers former painter decorator takes out Seven talent title in a crowd-pleasing finale.

Northern Rivers singer guitarist Dylan Wright has been voted winner of Australian Idol in a Live finale last night.

Not for the first time, the very first act featured on a talent series took out the winning title.

The 31-year-old defeated Broome’s Amy Reeves to secure a recording contract with Sony Music Entertainment Australia, plus $100,000 in prize money.

Rockhampton country singer Denvah Baker-Moller came third in public voting.

But any one of the three would have made for a worthy winner, ending a strong second season for Seven.

Judge Kyle Sandilands said: “The whole country is in love with you, you are fantastic. You are truly remarkable and a decent human being. You deserve it.”

Amy Shark added: “You are Australian Idol. It is so your turn Dylan. I’m so happy for you.”

“Thank you. I’m about to cry,” said Dylan, a former painter decorator, who also acknowledged his young family.

“If I didn’t have them to ground me, I would be lost.”

There was gratitude all round.

Runner-Up Amy said, “A couple of weeks ago, no-one knew who I was. This experience has opened so many doors for me. I feel like I’ve grown up somehow in this competition.”

Third-placed Denvah said: “I am nothing but happy. I’m so blessed to have done what I’ve done, I’m happy.”

The finale also featured guest Delta Goodrem and a return by Marcia Hines who revealed she received stitches following her medical emergency on Sunday.

“I want to thank everybody who reached out towards me. I do appreciate it. And you guys need to know, I couldn’t have missed this for the world.”

Seven has already opened auditions for a 2025 season, expanding the age range from 15 – 30 to 15 – 35.

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  1. So glad I made a rare decision to watch this year. Marcia drew me to it, cannot usually stand Kyle. But he seemed to become almost a normal human being as the series progressed. I put it down to Marcia’s clear distain for him earlier on. But I digress. Well done Dylan. Much deserved and dare I say, he really is very talented. His choice of songs was ‘spot on’ throughout. Dylan has a marketable album with these covers alone.

    1. I think Dylan’s going to be an exception for a couple of reasons. I saw him support Nathan Cavaleri way back in 2018. I was so impressed I bought his EP. His originals are amazing. But also this year, Idol got closer to the original format. Bringing back group rounds and that boot camp situation, having them sing on elimination nights, we got to see people perform much more often than we did last year. I honestly think we’ll see several of the current crop have careers because viewers got to connect with them and understand who they were and what they can do.

  2. I only watched bits and pieces of it as I’m a big time Aus Survivor fan but I did get to catch Dylan singing What About Me with Shannon Noll and wow I thought he was great. Very happy for him. Not meaning to be nasty but I really think whoever dresses Ricki Lee needs to get another job. Terrible in my humble opinion.

  3. This is the first season of Idol I’ve heard civilians talking about in a very long time.
    I think everything just gelled this year.
    Getting Marcia back was a good move – and showed expensive international B listers on the panel aren’t needed for ratings.

  4. It was a pleasant surprise for me that Dylan won. I was sure Amy would take it. Both were just exceptional and the public got it right! It was a good show; if not a bit flabby with one or two too many interviews with loved ones and asking the singers how they were feeling. But I quibble, it was the best season since those first few. Ricki Lee is a terrific host; I have really warmed to her; she has genuine heart for the process.

    Great to see Marcia back; if not a little down on her usual vibey self, but nothing short of a miracle or in her case a determined superstar who lives by the creed – the show must go on. The series was made eminently more watchable for me with her involvement.

  5. Fabulous talent this year, sadly my favourite didn’t win but Dylan thoroughly deserved it. (Though if you read social media this morning you will see all the talk about Amy being robbed).

  6. Congratulations to Dylan! Can I ask how is it a strong second season if almost every night Married at First Sight beat it by a margin of about 100% (doubled the Idol audience)? To me – being walloped like that doesn’t mean the performance of the loser is strong,

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