Fetch TV to launch own TV Operating System

Bye bye set top box as Fetch TV undertakes conversations with TV manufacturers and retailers.


Fetch TV is developing a  TV operating system it plans to roll out through TV sets that will eliminate the need for a set-top box.

Currently, the Telstra-majority owned company sells two set-top boxes: the Mighty and the Mini selling between $169 and $449*, through which users can subscribe to Fetch Channel Packages from $6 a month, along with apps for streamers including Netflix, Disney+, Prime, Stan, Apple TV and more.

With its own operating system, users will enjoy the same Fetch TV viewing experience, but without the need to purchase a set top box.

CEO Scott Lorson tells TV Tonight, Fetch hopes to have it ready by the end of the year and rolled out in 2025.

“Fetch has positioned itself as ‘The Way to Watch’ through a highly differentiated UI that greatly simplifies the viewing experience,” he said.

“Currently, the Fetch service is delivered via a STB, which allows us to offer viewing through an existing TV, with 1 remote, 1 interface and 1 bill.

“Fetch is progressed in the development of a TV Operating System (TVOS), that will allow subscribers to enjoy the Fetch experience, without the STB requirement.

“To be clear, this is not a Fetch App on a TV, but actually the entire TVOS. All content will be accessed on the TV via the Fetch User Interface. Think of Fetch as Westfield, not simply a boutique store on the 2nd floor.”

Lorson said Fetch is currently in discussion with manufacturers and retailers for the TVOS.

“As with our existing business, Fetch is committed to a partnership model. We are in nascent conversations with various TV manufacturers and Retailers. Further updates will be available in the comings months.”

Meanwhile Fetch has entered into a partnership with Kargo for pre roll advertising.

Launched as one of the first Australian aggregation platforms in 2010, and the only TV device designed and developed in Australia, Fetch seamlessly brings together Free-to-Air channels, BVOD, SVOD, FAST and premium subscription channels, plus YouTube, and a TV and Movie Store with over 11,000 titles. In addition to enjoying partnerships with the world’s largest content providers, Fetch continues to expand the range of free content available to users via a growing selection of FAST channels, with the current selection of twenty channels expanding to thirty-two in April.

* plus $1 activation fee. No ongoing cost for the Starter pack.

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  1. Looks like I may need to upgrade to the newer Fetch Mighty ASAP as I prefer using the Fetch STB platform for as much as I can rather than my new GoogleTV. Maybe Fetch will just use the app on TV’s from here on in….?

  2. It will be a disaster – just like the last 9months of upgrades to Fetchbox…..
    shocking user experience, you now have multiple clicks to get anywhere on the Fetchbox mighty

    They need new beta testers, because the current ones are clueless..

  3. My Fetch is the boutique store on the 2nd floor that specialises in recording FTA and playing videos from a flash drive. I have 5 other devices that can deliver streams to my TV when needed. Does the world need another Hubbl Glass?

  4. My biggest gripe with Fetch is when it is full and doesn’t warn you, instead, randomly deleting shows. e.g. epsiode 4 of one series then episode 2 of another.

  5. This comment 100%. My TV has a single tuner and a 16GB SSD. The reason I use fetch is to record multiple channels and start late to skip through the ads.

    I guess we know now what Telstra intend to do to stuff up a great product. I hope after this change, they still keep the Mighty.

  6. I prefer to use my Fetch box to access streaming services because they have a far superior remote control to the old Samsung TV remote and even the new minimalist Samsung remote which is cumbersome to use. I also use it to record a lot of FTA programs to watch at my leisure and would be unhappy to lose that ability.

  7. I’d be staying well clear of this. I have a Fetch Mighty and now only use it for FTA recordings. Their horrendous downgrade they called an upgrade last year completely ruined the OS, the UI is terrible, one/two click options like viewing the full episode summary of they show you watch is now literally six clicks. The navigation is terrible, it doesn’t recognize between a show you’ve watched on FTA vs catch up, and doesn’t recognize at times that you’ve watched and deleted a show, yet it’s still on the MyShows page for continue watching. Just have to read the Facebook comments and the brand damaging comments on ProductReview.com.au. Even former TelstraTV customers who had to roll over to Fetch hate it.
    Im actually going to get a ChromeCast 4K for an improved streaming experience.

    1. Agreed the Fetch Mighty is mostly OK for recording FTA. The user interface is very cumbersome with way too many clicks to do anything. I gave up using their streaming apps ages ago and just use the Chromecast wGTV do do everything except FTA which is on the Fetch. The very latest Fetch update has finally added time elapsed to the progress bar, something I raised with them at least 4 years ago.

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