Ray Donovan spin-off, The Donovans.

Guy Ritchie to direct, a new series “loosely based” on Ray Donovan, and set in the UK.

Guy Ritchie is set to direct The Donovans, a new series “loosely based” on Ray Donovan.

While Liev Schreiber stared as a professional “fixer” in Los Angeles, the new series will be based in the UK.

The official description: “With the most powerful clients in Europe, The Donovans will see family fortunes and reputations at risk, odd alliances unfold, and betrayal around every corner; and while the family might be London’s most elite fixers today, the nature of their business means there is no guarantee what’s in store tomorrow.”

Irish writer Ronan Bennett (Top Boy) will write all 10 episodes.

“We’re going to deliver a show which provides massive thrills, entertainment and a huge rush of adrenaline for audiences around the world,” Bennett said.

“At the same time, I’m totally focused on exploring real characters, in body and in soul, and I’m committed to writing stories with deep dramatic impact. We’re going to get under the skin of the criminal underworld, in a way which will show you the bone-deep truths of how they live and how it sometimes will — inevitably — impact on our own lives.”

Chris McCarthy, president of Showtime / MTV Entertainment Studios added, “Guy Ritchie and Ronan Bennett are the ideal dream-team to create a new global hit franchise with The Donovans. Guy’s riveting and stylish directorial approach combined with Ronan’s captivating and brutally authentic writing will transfix audiences into a wild and twisted world full of new adventures.”

The Donovans will premiere on Paramount+ later this year.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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