Airdate: Jeopardy! Australia

Six episodes filmed in the UK with Aussie expats as contestants.

Nine will premiere Jeopardy! Australia on Saturday night next week, replacing Space Invaders in the 7:30pm slot.

There are six episodes filmed in the UK with Aussie expats as contestants.

Stephen Fry said: “Jeopardy! has a format that – strikingly unusual as it seems at first – just gets under the skin of an audience and reveals more and more depths of delight. Not to mention more and more depths of knowledge amongst the population. I reckon Australia will welcome this uniquely beguiling and endlessly rewarding game, and I can’t wait to get started.”

Hosted by renowned English broadcaster and actor Stephen Fry, Jeopardy! Australia will feature a cast of clever Aussie competitors in one of the world’s longest-running game shows.

Flipping the traditional Q&A format, Jeopardy! presents answers first in the form of short, written clues. Contestants must then respond in the form of a question that correctly identifies the clue description. This general knowledge showdown is an opportunity to amass a lucrative cash prize the longer contestants can stay in the game! Australia is a Whisper North production for the 9Network.

7:30pm Saturday April 20 on Nine.

UK version

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  1. Will be interested to see how this plays out. Stephen Fry performs ‘magic’ in anything he turns his hand to. As a fan of the US version which aired in the UK for the 15 years I lived there, it was great to see SBS showing it here. Thought no one would be able to replace the legendary late Alex Trebeck, but Ken Jennings (the show’s most popular champion) has been excellent as host for the late 2023/24 episodes just finished up last week on SBS (at two episodes a night on Viceland) we seem to have caught up! Now back to Alex’s final season. I’ll certainly give the ex-pat Aussie version a go. Six episodes will not be investing too much of my time.

  2. I have watched Stephen Fry on the UK version and it is interminably slow. The US half hour format rattles along at a cracking pace and feels a more natural rhythm for a game show like this.

    1. ITV have done the same with the UK version of Wheel of Fortune with Graham Norton. Dragged it out to an hour and it’s mind numbingly boring as a result.

  3. Saturday night?
    That does not exactly exude confidence by Channel 9.

    Seems they have more faith in Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars than this.

  4. Will be interesting to see how it compares to US Jeopardy – currently watching an episode a night from Foxtel, plus Celebrity version, plus two per night from SBS Viceland – we can’t get enough of Jeopardy! at the moment!

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