Airdate: The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys

It's Succession on a farm of Missouri cowboys, in 7Bravo's new docuseries.

US reality docuseries The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys premieres next week on 7Bravo.

This debuted in the US last month.

The new 10-part series goes behind the scenes of Missouri’s high-stakes world of farming and ranching as McBee Farm and Cattle is on the brink of becoming a billion-dollar business or a a financial disaster.

The McBee dynasty’s survival all depends on one decision from a venture capital firm worth over $100 million.

Steve McBee, the patriarch of the family and recent divorcee started McBee Farm and Cattle, but his lifestyle may be its undoing.

While Steve is in a rocky romantic relationship with McBee’s CFO, Galyna, he continues sleeping with other women, tearing the family apart. With Steve’s retirement imminent, the anticipation of who out of his four sons will be his successor only makes things worse.

Will it be Steven Jr., the CEO and business-minded heir apparent, or Cole, the underdog who works hard in the field? Then there’s Jesse the quiet cowboy, or Brayden, who has the least interest in farming.

Will the farm survive? If it does, who will lead it into the future?

The McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys is produced by Peacock and USA Network.

9.30pm Thursday, 11 April on 7Bravo.

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